Are Drake & Rihanna Actually Dating Again?

Despite the fact that their relationship never seems to work, work, work, work, work, Drake and Rihanna can't stop hanging out. Once again, the pair is reigniting dating rumors because they're spending a significant amount of time together abroad. During Rihanna's ANTI Tour, which is currently in Europe, Drizzy joined her on stage in Manchester and his words are pretty telling. According to E! News (and the video below), before hugging and kissing Rihanna on the cheek, the rapper told the crowd,

"Shout out to the most beautiful, talented woman I've ever seen. She goes by the name of Rihanna...I'm gettin' my heart broken."

First of all, that's quite a compliment. It also shows that Drake still isn't over Rihanna. Or in the very least, he thinks very highly of her. By joking that she's breaking his heart, maybe it means they're actually not together, but he wishes they were. Or it could all just be part of the compliment. For the record, these two have a 7-year history of dating rumors (feel free to consult this timeline). And in most instances, it was Drake pining over Rihanna. To make a throwback analogy, it's almost like RiRi is Lizzie McGuire, while Drizzy is Gordo. He's always the one who's interested, but she doesn't quite give him the time of day. But as any diehard Lizzie McGuire fan knows, the two wind up together in the movie. So maybe eventually #Drihanna will happen. Key word: eventually.

Keeping that optimistic mindset, perhaps this time will be different. Besides performing in Manchester, Drake and Ri have been hitting up nightclubs together into the early hours of the morning, according to E! News. That definitely suggests something is going on there. Aside from those Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna rumors (which haven't popped up since April), it appears as though they're both single. That means there's not really anyone that could get in their way of being together, which happened in the past with Chris Brown.

Although a few compliments and clubbing nights aren't confirmation they're together, Drake's comments suggests he's not fully over Rihanna. And if he's not giving up hope on their romance, neither am I.