16 Celeb Couples Who Got Engaged Really Quickly

by Michelle McGahan

Not all Hollywood marriages last, but that doesn't mean that most stars aren't eager AF to head down the aisle. Because if there is anything that the Kardashian kult has taught us, it's that there are many celeb couples who get engaged quickly (and usually choose to marry just as fast). It may not ultimately work out — and honestly, most of them don't — but some A-listers, like hopeless romantics around the world, go with their gut and rush into the engagement stage of the relationship.

It's not necessarily a bad thing, of course — and far be it from me to judge people's personal relationships — but choosing to make a lifetime commitment with someone you've only known romantically for several months (and sometimes, even weeks) doesn't always result in the most long-lasting marriages, TBH. Still, this post is not about celeb marriages that ended poorly; it's simply about stars who got engaged quickly. And yes, there are a fair amount who hopped on the engagement train to marriage town rather fast.

From half the Kardashian siblings to pop stars galore, take a look at 16 celeb couples who changed their relationship status from "In A Relationship" to "Engaged" in the blink of an eye.

1. Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna

Kardashian and Chyna announced their engagement not even five months after they revealed their relationship. The two shared the happy news on social media in April 2016, approximately three months after they announced they were dating in late January. And the surprises don't end there: One month after announcing their engagement, in May 2016, the two revealed that they're having a baby.

2. Khloé Kardashian & Lamar Odom

Michael Buckner/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Kardashians don't do things slowly, that's for sure. Kardashian and Odom got engaged in September 2009, just weeks after meeting. WEEKS. They married that same month. Though the two are not yet officially divorced, they are no longer together — despite rumors that they were reconciling after Odom's hospitalization.

3. Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kardashian and Humphries' seven-month engagement (he popped the question just six months after they started dating) lasted longer than their entire marriage, which infamously made it just a whole 72 days.

4. Katy Perry & Russell Brand

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

The British comedian popped the question to Perry in December 2009, roughly two months after they met at the 2009 MTV VMAs in September. Their marriage, however, was not meant to last — the two divorced after just over a year of marriage. Perry later revealed that Brand texted her to tell her he was divorcing her.

5. Britney Spears & Kevin Federline

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Spears and Federline got engaged in July 2004, just three months after getting together. The night-vision cameras of Britney & Kevin: Chaotic still haunt my dreams. They are the proud parents of two adorable sons, but the marriage was not meant to last and the two divorced after two years after tying the knot.

6. Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon


Carey and Cannon had such a whirlwind romance that they went from dating to married in just six weeks, tying the knot at the iconic singer's private island in the Bahamas in April 2008. Cannon said that when he asked for his future wife's hand in marriage, he did it with Ring Pops before revealing the real sparkler.

Though the couple share two adorable twins and seem to co-parent smoothly, they filed for divorce in 2015.

7. Avril Lavigne & Chad Kroeger

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lavigne and Kroeger kept their relationship so quiet that it was certainly a shock to the system when they announced they were engaged in August 2012, after just six months of dating. The Canadian rockers later separated after two years of marriage.

8. Sofia Vergara & Joe Manganiello

Mike Windle/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The happy (and unfairly good-looking) couple got engaged after six months of dating, and they've been enjoying wedded bliss since tying the knot in November 2015.

9. Kaley Cuoco & Ryan Sweeting

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Big Bang Theory star and tennis player Ryan Sweeting got engaged after just three months of dating.

"I admit it happened fast, but that's who I am. When we met, I knew he was the one," she told Cosmo in 2014. Unfortunately, the couple ended their relationship after two years of marriage.

10. Ashlee Simpson & Evan Ross


Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross (son of the legendary Diana Ross!) announced their engagement in March 2014 after nine months of dating. After marrying that same year, the two welcomed a baby girl in September 2015.

11. Cameron Diaz & Benji Madden

Jason Kempin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Forget a whirlwind engagement — Diaz and Madden had only been dating for seven months when they got married in January 2015. A year and a half later, the actor-rocker couple seem happier than ever.

12. Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson had been dating for nine months when the pro football player popped the question in November 2010. The two tied the knot in July 2014, and two years of marriage and two adorable kids later, this couple is still goin' strong.

13. Big Sean & Naya Rivera

Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The rapper and Glee star got engaged after six months of dating. In April 2014, the two called off the engagement. Even more surprising? Just three months after ending the relationship, Rivera married her childhood friend.

14. George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin

Tristan Fewings/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

George Clooney was a lifelong bachelor when he finally found his match in attorney Amal Alamuddin, whom he dated for only six months before asking her to marry him. Two years after their 2014 wedding, and they're still in marital bliss. Just see how he looks at her!

15. Nikki Reed & Ian Somerhalder

Angela Weiss/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Twilight star and Vampire Diaries actor got engaged just after six months of dating. A year and some change after their wedding — the two got married in April 2015 — they're still going strong.

16. Almost Every Bachelor & Bachelorette

Paul Morigi/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Almost every single Bachelor(ette) has gotten engaged on the season finale of their respective shows. A whirlwind of a romance — and one in front of the cameras and the entire world, no doubt. Some couples have stayed together; some haven't, but OG Bachelorette Trista Sutter's relationship with hubby Ryan (the two have been married since 2003) will always be #RelationshipGoals.

The whirlwind relationship is sometimes successful, and sometimes it's not. But one thing's for sure: It's a definite high when you're in the midst of it.