Wait, Is This 'PLL' Season 7's Big Twist?

By Kaitlin Reilly

Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead, as the Pretty Little Liars theme song so astutely points out. Unfortunately for one character on Pretty Little Liars, it seems that they will be able to be very tight-lipped from beyond the grave. The four-day flashforward seen at the beginning of the Season 7 premiere of Pretty Little Liars shows Aria, Spencer, and Emily digging what seems to be a grave in the woods, though for who or what we have no clue. However, it's fair to say that whatever has happened, someone has met their maker — as Spencer tells the other Liars, "it was a well thought out plan, and when it ends like this, it's called first-degree murder." Fans have lots of theories as to who is the murder victim the Liars may be burying, but this one clue suggests a pretty disturbing outcome for Hanna's former fiance. Could Jordan die in Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars ?!

I may be a total Haleb shipper, but even I don't want Hanna's Australian fiancé — err, ex-fiancé, considering that Hanna unceremoniously dumped him on a New York sidewalk in "Bedlam" — to meet his maker. After all, if he really is as much of a cinnamon roll as he appears to be, this guy definitely does not deserve to die at anyone's hands, let alone Hanna's or the rest of the Liars. So why do I think it's a possibility? Well, it all has to do with Mary talking to someone on the phone in the Season 7 premiere. According to Mona, the person Mary was speaking to had an accent — "maybe British, maybe Aussie." Though it's fair to says that the person on the phone was likely Dr. Rollins, the Liars don't know that he even has a British accent — which could mean that they begin to suspect Jordan of being in cahoots with Uber A.

If they do suspect Jordan of being on the dark side, that could be enough of a reason for the Liars to lash out at Hanna's ex. In fact, it would even be enough of a reason for Hanna herself to lash out — which could be exactly what happens. During the digging scene in the Season 7 premiere, Aria says "Poor Hanna," implying that whatever they are doing has something to do with the missing Liar. Now that we know Hanna isn't the one in the grave, Aria could be saying that either because Hanna killed the person, or because the person in the grave was close to Hanna. Well, why couldn't it have been both? If Hanna did kill Jordan thinking she was protecting herself from Uber A, it would likely devastate her — and that's definitely enough reason for the other Liars to feel sympathetic to Hanna's cause and help her bury Jordan's body.

It's a dark theory, but it's also one that would raise the stakes for Season 7. If this is the most dramatic season ever, then it might be one dramatic enough to kill off Hanna's one-time love.

Image: Freeform