BECCA x Jaclyn Hill Have New Champagne Products

One of the most successful collabs of the summer of 2016 is getting a boost because you can never, ever have too many ways to glow. The BECCA x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection is maj, with the Champagne Glow face palette serving as the crown jewel. The Champagne Collection Shimmering Skin Perfectors are also boss, with Champagne Pop available in the liquid, Pressed Powder, and Poured Creme formulas. Now, the web is circulating teases of the newest additions to this collection. Say "hello" to the Champagne Splits, which are highlighter/blush duos. Where can you buy this new addition to the already blockbuster BECCA x Jaclyn Hill range?

Well, the BECCA x Jaclyn Hill collection is exclusive to Sephora. Therefore, you can assume that you can purchase these compacts at the most major of all makeup meccas.

Bustle reached out to BECCA reps for more information, who responded via email to say this: "Thanks so much for reaching out and for your support of BECCA! We do have some exciting news – we’ll be in touch on Tuesday with the official announcement. We hope you’re thirsty for more Champagne."

Thirsty indeed! The desire to achieve a safe, sun-free, and dewy glow is real and we will know more on July 5.

BECCA x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid, $41, Sephora

Here's what else we know about the products, per a teaser post on Hill's Instagram. They will be available to buy in July and come in four shades, each featuring one of Hill's highlighter creations paired with a BECCA blush.

You can use these babies in pretty much all over your face.

Fans are already reacting to the news of new Champagne Collection products, because they know that this launch will impact their wallets. Hill even retweeted this tweet.

The Champagne Collection is limited edition, so you better get ready to shop them as soon as they land!

The face palette is so lit! And you look lit from within! Imagine how much more glow you can get with the Champagne Splits. This is how you layer in the summer.