These Celebs Love The 4th Of July

Celebrities have a knack for throwing the coolest Fourth of July celebrations that you're not invited to, and wearing the most patriotic outfits money can buy, but you can't. Are you just gonna sit around and like Taylor Swift's cute pictures on Instagram, or share Beyoncé's flawless red-white-blue look on Facebook, or yearn for Kim Kardashian's kiss during the fireworks display? Hell no! Not this year! It's time to create your own good ol' fashioned American memories that you can share with some inspiration from celebs.

With the Fourth of July coming up so soon, I won't let you watch the world go by while your uncle drinks all the beer and you only get one hot dog. This year, you are going to have your own Independence Day party like Swift, wear a cute outfit like Yoncé, and get that fireworks-kiss like Kardashian! Use the influence and enthusiasm of these celebs to treat yo'self to some red, white, and blue knick-knacks, and watch the beautiful fireworks show with the people you love.

Here is all the celebrity encouragement you need to throw the best party, rock the stars and stripes from head to toe, and celebrate the great friendships you've made in this great country.

Taylor Swift's Day Party By The Sea

Patriotic towels, patriotic gals.

American flag cake with sparkler candles??? Delicious genius.

Some history never brought a party down.

Nicki Minaj's USA-Loving Leggings

And finding time to celebrate with her crew-family on tour.

Beyoncé's Beyond Perfect, All-American Outfits

I have nothing to say. *Flawless

Miley Cyrus Doin' Her American Thang

Keeping it in the family with mom, Tish Cyrus, and artistic partner/adopted dad Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips.

You wear either of these outfits and you'll be the koolest kid at the party.

Kim Kardashian's Adorable America

It's really too much, and really perfect.

And so is this.

Justin Bieber's Air Force Fun

Screw it! Get on your private jet and fly across the whole country. There's nothing more patriotic than getting a lay of the homeland.

With all the fun that these celebs have on the USA's birthday, why do you have to be the one who gets stuck with the warm beer and the one hot dog? This year, you are going to not only have as many cold beers and hot dogs as you want, but you will be at an incredible party, wearing an incredible outfit, with the incredible people you call your best friends, just like the incredible celebs that made your Fourth of July that much more fun.