Shop The Official "Mama Don't Like You" Shirt

Adding to all the fabulous concert attire out there, Justin Bieber's tour merchandise has arrived and it features all your favorite one-liners, including a shirt with "my mama don't like you" splashed across the back. Because if the lyric wasn't already catchy enough, it makes for great apparel too.

Remember the old days when concert tees just had the name of the band and some kind of picture on the front? Well, the look has evolved a lot over the years. Many singers are turning their tour merchandise into mini clothing collections, and Bieber is one of them. The range might not have tons to choose from, but it has everything you need.

Thanks to the new tour merch, you can dress in head-to-toe Bieber apparel. From the trucker hat to the tops and all the way down to the socks, this singer's got you covered — literally. He even added a tote bag for you to carry around all your necessities. Plus the wares feature all the best sassy one-liners from the album. The $40 "my mama don't like you" shirt is only the beginning of the Bieber swag. Here are all your choices for sporting your sartorial love for the Biebs.

1. Staff T-Shirt

Staff T-Shirt, $40,

Because everyone needs a good staff shirt, right?

2. My Mama Tee

My Mama Tee, $40,

Wear what's quite possibly the best line from his entire album on your back.

3. Sorry Top

Sorry T-Shirt, $40,

His clothing sums up the album oh so well.

4. Bieber Longsleeve

Bieber Photo Longsleeve, $50,

Messy hair, don't care.

5. Sand Sweatshirt

Bieber Sand Hoodie, $120,

This pricey sweatshirt is classic Bieber color.

6. Photo Sweatshirt

Purpose Tour Hoodie, $120,

Because who wouldn't want to wear Bieber on their back?

7. World Tour Socks

World Tour Socks, $18,

Yes, you can even wear socks to support the singer.

8. Staff Tote

Staff Tote, $20,

Carrying your groceries just got a whole lot trendier.

9. Trucker Hat

Purpose Tour Trucker Hat, $40,

He's trying really hard to bring the trucker hat back, and this might just help his cause.

Bieber always did have the most unique style.

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