Audrina Shares Her First Photo With Her Daughter

Bring on the baby photos! Audrina Patridge gave birth on June 24, but she's already sharing the joy of motherhood with her Instagram followers. On Saturday, Patridge posted her first photo with her daughter, Kirra Max Bohan. There's no denying that the snapshot is super cute, but unfortunately, you can barely see The Hills alum's baby. Aside from her stylish socks, her body is mostly shielded by the stroller. Before you get too upset, there's a very good reason for that. In a blog post on Patridge's personal website, the reality star explained,

"Everyone has been waiting so patiently for photos and comments from me, but I have been soaking up every second with Kirra, Corey, and our families. As far as photos go, we will post soon. Until then, we appreciate your respect in allowing us to enjoy these special moments with our daughter in private."

Considering the child is less than two weeks old, it makes sense Patridge isn't sharing full baby photos just yet. Usually celebrities will post pictures as their child grows. Similarly, when Saint West was born, Kim Kardashian only initially showed his finger. It took months before fans got to see Kimye's second child. Celebrity kids deserve some privacy and I respect the parents for protecting them from the spotlight, especially at such a young age.

Still, my heart can't help but melt when celebs do decide to post pictures. Take this Patridge photo, for instance. It's too cute.

In that same blog post, Patridge explains why they named her Kirra. First off, she says she's loved the name for awhile and so did her fiancé, Corey Bohan. She added,

"Kirra is also the name of an amazing surf spot in Australia, so it has double meaning! For those of you who have asked about her middle name, Max — we named her after my grandpa, Max, who unfortunately passed away about a month ago. She was due on his birthday, and he couldn’t wait to meet her. He would have been so proud… I love and miss him so much."

It's heartbreaking that Patridge's grandpa won't get to meet Kirra, but it's certainly a sweet tribute. Also, considering Bohan is Australian, the first name has a personal connection. Overall, it's a thoughtful and adorable name.

Now fans not only got to see Kirra's feet, but also understand her name. Don't mind me, I'll just be patiently waiting for when they decide to post more photos soon.