Why James Taylor Deserves To Be The Next Bachelor

Oh boy, The Bachelorette is getting down to some supremely tense episodes. With the final six contestants being revealed (and both Alex and James Taylor being spared from elimination when JoJo had a meltdown and simply couldn't decide between the two), the competition is getting fierce. Only Jordan, Alex, Luke, Chase, Robby and James are the contestants remaining who are still vying for roses and it's feeling less and less likely that fan favourite James will be the final remaining victor of JoJo's heart. Most notably, the chemistry that she enjoys with Luke and Jordan can't be denied, and as sweet as James is, the two just don't share the same spark. But all hope isn't lost, right? Because there's a very high likelihood that the next Bachelor could be plucked from the remaining contestants of season 12 of The Bachelorette which begs the question: Will James Taylor be the next Bachelor? He definitely deserves to be should he not manage to win JoJo's heart and has, without a doubt, the best credentials of any other contestant for securing that position.

More than anything else, if JoJo eliminates him from the running then I'm sure I join legions of fans of the singer-songwriter who aren't quite ready to say goodbye to the guy. But there's actually plenty more reasons why James Taylor is deserving of becoming the next Bachelor and why I'd love to see that happen:

1. He's A True Gentleman

Throughout The Bachelorette, James has treated JoJo like an absolute goddess. He's been well mannered, respectful, sincere and incredibly sweet. Isn't that exactly what we all want to see from the next Bachelor?

2. His Sincerity Has Been Beyond Endearing

Of all of the season 12 contestants, James has probably been the one who has appeared to be the most consistent and authentic. He doesn't hide who he is or how he feels, and has instead been endearingly open and sincere.

3. We Haven't Seen Nearly Enough Of His Romantic Side Yet

I don't care how cheesy a gesture it was, any man who can articulate his feelings into words, write them down into a letter and then read them to the muse of the piece (like he did with JoJo) is a man more than worthy of becoming the next Bachelor. This guy is a hardcore romantic at heart and you just know that we haven't seen the best that his romantic gestures have to offer.

4. He Might Not Be Right For JoJo, But He Deserves To Find Love

At this stage in the game, it's feeling less and less likely that James will be the one that JoJo will pick to spend the rest of her days with, but that's okay. There's every possibility that the two of them just aren't right for each other, but there has to be someone amazing waiting out there for him, too, right? The Bachelor would give him the chance to possibly find the love that he clearly deserves.

5. He's Absolutely, Completely Adorable

Simple but totally true. Everything about him from his smile, his gentle manner, his romantic soul and even his slight struggle with confidence just makes me crumple up like a paper rose in a palm.

6. He Could Learn So Much From Being The Next Bachelor

When he spoke to Bustle recently, James mentioned that his time on The Bachelorette had taught him a lot about himself and about dating, explaining about his time on the show, "It’s almost like you’re just on this little island with no one else to relate to, and you just have to dig deep and relate to yourself and go with it". Whilst other contestants like Alex, Robby or Jordan seem to be on the show just to get the girl and win, it seems like James genuinely wanted an entire experience out of it, and that's a much more interesting story to be watching.

7. His Struggle With Confidence Deserves A Happy Ending

Poor James, he hasn't been the most confident of suitors on the show this season, even unfairly comparing his own body to those of the insanely toned Luke and Jordan, but none of that should even matter. He's still supremely attractive without flashing a perfect set of abs every hour, and even better than that, he's interesting. Being the next Bachelor could help him to give him that much needed confidence boost which he deserves.

8. He Has The Best Personality Of The Remaining Bachelorette Contestants

By a long mile. Who needs rock hard abs when you've got a man brimming with great character?

9. Being The Bachelor May Help Him To Understand JoJo's Experience

I'm not sure that I'm ready to experience James' heartbreak if and when JoJo doesn't give him a rose. Being the deeply caring person that we've seen so far, he'll no doubt take the rejection to heart, but being the next Bachelor could give him some great insight into how difficult the decision may be for JoJo.

10. We Could Get An Entire Album Of Songs Out Of It

Singer-Songwriter James recently told Bustle that he's currently in the process of completing an album. If he was to become the next Bachelor then could we be hearing an entire album about his experience? It'd be a great source of inspiration and would make for great listening for fans of The Bachelor.

11. He Would Treat All The Contestants With The Respect The Deserve

Seriously, can you imagine? He'd treat all those ladies like absolute queens.

12. There's Much More To Him Than We've Had A Chance To See

The competitive nature of The Bachelorette often means that we only get to see tiny snapshots of every contestants personality and small examples of just how romantic they can be. James definitely has more to offer than we've seen on the show so far and The Bachelor would be a great opportunity for him to show fans that.

13. He's Still Capable Of Instigating Accidental Drama

It wouldn't be a great season of The Bachelor without some kind of drama happening, and though James has been an absolute sweetheart in The Bachelorette, we've still seen a glimpse of him being capable of instigating some drama. May we never forget the bizarre poker fight between him and Jordan, when James told JoJo that the guy was untrustworthy due to his "entitlement" whilst stating the rules of the game. Whatever you say, James.

It'd be a shame to see JoJo say goodbye to James but at the same time it would at least open up the opportunity of James becoming the next Bachelor. And this has to happen now, right? Absolutely.

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