This Is The Best Way To Clean A Beauty Blender

Like every millennial woman, I'm in love with my beauty blender. Our generation's grandmothers were really onto something with those disposable foundation sponges, and thanks to science, we now have our own reusable version. But it only works if it's clean, so here's the single best way to clean your beauty blender.

So what is it about the beauty blender and beauty sponges in general that make them a necessity? Well, for starters, they're reusable and versatile: you can use it for primer, foundation, blush, and highlight (and just about everything else). The sponge-like texture melts product into your skin instead of swirling product onto of your skin like a brush. It uses less product with greater ease, so no more uneven blending or streaky foundation. Instead of traveling with a bunch of makeup brushes, you can pack one tiny item for all your application needs.

But just like with brushes, not cleaning your beauty blender is a problem. It soaks up product, sweat, skin cells, and bacteria. Using it on your face with all that gross stuff could make it harder to achieve the fresh faced look you're going for. Coverage and color could go wrong, not to mention the acne and other skin irritations that could pop up. No thank you!

Luckily, keeping it clean is super simple with just a few tools.

Beauty Blender, $20, Sephora

Here's the single best way to clean your Beauty Blender.

1. Gather Materials

Dawn Dish Soap, $2, Amazon

I like using plain antibacterial soap, a clean cup, and paper towels. I promise you, you don't need expensive cleanser.

2. Fill A Cup With Warm, Soapy Water

I like to fill the cup with warm, almost hot water — it helps kill bacteria!

3. Let It Soak

I dunk my sponge in the water and swish around before leaving it in there for a few hours. It's best to leave it overnight and wake up to a fresh sponge to do your makeup with in the morning!

4. Squeeze Out Product And Water

I like to squeeze as much water out as I can until the suds have disappeared and the water coming out is totally clear.

5. Dry With Paper Towel

After giving my sponge a good squeeze, it's usually still too damp to apply makeup with so I give it a quick squeeze with a paper towel and it's ready to go! Whatever you do, don't leave it to dry is a sealed area, like your drawer. It needs to dry out in the open so it won't mildew.

Et, voila! That's all you need to get your beauty blender to be good as new. Remember to do this at least bi-weekly or even better, after every use.

Images: Jessica Willingham