Rollins May Be Older Than We Think On 'PLL'

If you were confused about the mysterious Dr. Rollins before, then odds are Tuesday night's episode of Pretty Little Liars did little to ease curiosity. Because not only is Rollins dead on Pretty Little Liars , but now everything we thought we knew about him is getting brought into question — including his age. Prior to Hanna accidentally hitting the guy with her car, Toby was researching Rollins' identity in the police database and appeared to come up with something interesting. Of course, given this show's habit of leaving us with as little information as possible, we don't know exactly what he found, but we know it has something to do with the year 1958, which begs the question: how old is Rollins?

The logical explanation would be that it's a random person's identity that he stole in order to cover up who he really is. But considering how much Pretty Little Liars loves connecting multiple story arcs together, I'd say this date will serve a greater purpose down the road. Maybe Elliott Rollins is the name of a relative of his and he's carrying out some unfinished business in this person's honor. Maybe Rollins has been wearing a mask this whole time and he's actually much older than he appears. (OK, so maybe that option is stretching things a bit, but you never know!)

Either way, there's a reason Toby muttered this date and it could hold a clue to Rollins' past. We still know very little about him other than the fact that he loved Charlotte and was at one point working with Mary Drake. But how did he come to meet Mary in the first place? Were their families good friends? Does that date have something to do with their shared history? Does he have a necklace like Melisandre on Game of Thrones? Rollins may be dead, but there are still so many mysteries about him left to uncover. Let's just hope Officer Toby sheds some light on what he discovered soon, so we can put this whole confusing age thing to rest once and for all.

Image: Eric McCandless/Freeform