Kathryn & Whitney Have Moment On 'Southern Charm'

Something truly unbelievable went down on the second half of the Southern Charm Season 3 reunion. It was a moment that I look forward to replaying in my brain until I fall asleep tonight. I am not being dramatic or facetious or hyperbolic when I say did not see it coming: Kathryn and Whitney hugged. Yes, that Whitney and that Kathryn. The two cast mates who spent the majority of Season 3 at odds and who've dragged each other's names through the mud voluntarily stood up, embraced one another, and quoted Ari Gold. And no, nobody told anyone to go fall on a knife.

I sincerely thought I would never see such a thing happen in my lifetime. I most certainly rewound and rewatched and screengrabbed to confirm that no, it was not a trick of the light, and yes, the two pals-turned-sworn enemies really did sort of reconcile. They aren't friends or anything, but uh, it's something. I'll take it?

I will never forget the moment: During one of the totally filmed reunion "breaks" (bless those Bravo cameras for never missing a beat), Kathryn thanked Whitney for being “decent” to her throughout the reunion. (Real talk: I didn't realize he was being relatively cordial to Kathryn until she said something about it. The more I think about it, I guess he was being decent? He didn't stick up for her when their costars came for her or anything, but he wasn't nearly as mean as some other cast members.) And then, they hugged it out.

Well, I’ll be a plush alligator lounging atop an armchair in Patricia’s manse! It really happened.

Images: Charles Sykes/Bravo; Bravo