Derek Sorts 'The Bachelorette' Men Into Hogwarts Houses & His Choices Make A Lot Of Sense

It was a sad day in reality TV history when Derek was sent packing on The Bachelorette — a choice that many fans were shocked and disappointed to see JoJo make. Between his kind demeanor and ruggedly handsome good looks, Derek became an instant fan favorite among the Season 12 suitors. And the fact that he was one of the few contestants who didn't gravitate toward drama was just the icing on the cake. But the fact that he didn't find love this time around hasn't made Derek bitter. In fact, he recently told Bustle in an interview that he's "appreciative" of all the love he's received from fans throughout this experience.

However, that wasn't the only thing that was discussed during our one-on-one chat with the Bachelorette star. Given his profound love of the Harry Potter franchise (which his Instagram account clearly shows), we asked Derek to sort some of his fellow Bachelorette suitors into Hogwarts houses for fun to see where he and his fellow cohorts would fall within this magical school. So who would go where and why? Check out Derek's placements below and see whether or not you agree with his decisions. The results may very well surprise you.

Derek — Gryffindor

"I’ve always been one to just deal with something and then move on, so I’ve always been a Gryffindor I think, at heart," Derek explains. "Because I take on the situation and then whatever, we keep going, that whole, courageous [aspect]."

James Taylor — Hufflepuff

"I think James Taylor is classic Hufflepuff," Derek reveals. "He’s the most happy human being I’ve met in my life. I’ve hung out with him a couple times and every time he leaves a smile on everybody’s face who’s around him, so I think that’s him." Sounds about right, wouldn't you say?

Wells — Gryffinclaw

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a Gryffinclaw is a combination of the two houses Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, meaning that Derek believes Wells to be a combination of brave and intelligent, which seems to describe this former suitor perfectly. (I miss you already, Wells!)

Chad — Slytherin

"I have been referring to [Chad] as He Who Must Not Be Named," Derek admits. "I’d say He Who Must Not Be Named comes from Slytherin House." Can't argue with that kind of logic.

JoJo — Gryffinpuff

"JoJo has a ton of heart, that’s the biggest thing that I noticed about her. And she’s just like this very caring person," Derek explains, while adding in how brave she is to be willing to put her feelings and heart out there for the world to see. (Hence the Hufflepuff/Gryffindor combo decision.)

"You need guts to be The Bachelorette," he says. "I think people assume they would wanna do that, be in her shoes, and you know what? Feeling her pain all the time and having to make those difficult decisions... it’s real, so it’s not something that you just lightly decide to do. It’s tough."

Remind me, why in the world was this guy left rose-less? Let's hope this isn't the last we see of him!

Reporting by Samantha Rullo

Images: Donald Rager/ABC; Giphy (5)