Are BECCA X Jaclyn Hill Champagne Splits LE?

So, you know the drill by now. This duo releases incredible products and then everyone rushes to get their hands on them the minute they’re released. You’re going to want to find out if the BECCA X Jaclyn Hill Champagne Splits are limited edition or not just so you can go ahead and plan your strategy.

Well, get ready to be online the minute they drop on the Sephora website on July 14 because just like the rest of their incredible creations, these are going to be in high demand. They are in fact limited edition, too, and you’re not going to want to miss out on this blush and highlighter combo. Because seriously, what more could you need in life than your blush and highlight packed in one convenient (and gold-encrusted) package, you know?

The oh-so popular Champagne Pop shade will be paired with a variety of different blushes, so you can find the color that suits you best. Each one will retail for $38, so getting your cheeks flushed and glowing with these amazing products won’t break the bank. Better start planning which shade(s) you’re going after so that on July 14 you can react accordingly. An organized frenzy is always preferable, am I right?

Just when you think BECCA X Jaclyn Hill couldn't be any better, they go and launch more new products.

Which are completely stunning, of course!

Even the packaging is impeccable. I mean, it's freaking gilded.

These are just yet another hit for the Champagne Glow team.

Make room for the newest members of the BECCA X Jaclyn Hill family. What a gorgeous family photo this will be once those Champagne Splits are on your vanity, huh?

Becca and Hill can bring on the makeup. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say we'll never get tired of shopping their creations!

Image: beccacosmetics/Instagram (1)