Wells Adams Is The Bachelor That America Deserves

We're currently approaching some seriously tense episodes of Season 12 of The Bachelorette — and with the final six remaining contestants left, it's going to get pretty scrappy. For some of us though, the game feels as though it's already over as the magnificent Wells Adams was eliminated from The Bachelorette in Episode 5. Really, guys, that felt like a tremendous loss. The episode painfully showed poor Wells being taunted by his fellow contestants over the fact that he hadn't yet kissed JoJo before he finally (and awkwardly) kissed her. His Bachelorette journey then came to a prompt and heartbreaking end as he was swiftly denied a rose soon after (sob). Truthfully, though, it has to be said that out of all of the contestants Wells was clearly the most dateable, even if he didn't manage to create much of a spark with JoJo. As such, there appears to be only one rebound thought on fans minds: that Wells should become the next Bachelor. But does he stand much of a chance?

If social media is a reliable enough barometer to be believed then his chances feel likely, with many Bachelorette fans are already campaigning in his favor. Taking to Twitter, they're celebrating everything that made the man so damn watchable, and lovable, and potentially totally perfect to become the next Bachelor. Using the hashtag #WellsForBachelor, fans have been expressing all the many ways that the contestant fits the bill of being total dream Bachelor material since JoJo eliminated him from The Bachelorette:

All of this is completely understandable, of course. There's no denying that Wells was the complete dreamy package during his time on The Bachelorette: handsome, hilarious, charismatic, respectful and even romantic, in a low profile kind of way. And as far as The Bachelor goes, that's exactly the sort of suitor that we want to see being romanced by a pack of beautiful women, right? The fan support is undeniable, and hopefully the makers of The Bachelor will be making a note of that when they decide upon who will become the Bachelor of the next season. But there's actually a few other things to consider which may help or hinder Wells becoming the next Bachelor.

As we're all by now familiar, the next Bachelor is often chosen from one of the unsuccessful contestants of the previous season of The Bachelorette (much as JoJo became the Bachelorette after becoming the heartbroken runner up of the 20th season of The Bachelor). Having said that, though, they're usually chosen from the final four contestants of The Bachelorette and as such, there could be a chance that Wells was simply too much of an outsider contestant to be considered. If singer-songwriter James Taylor, who is also incredibly likeable, charming and completely adorable, ends up in the final four without actually winning JoJo's heart (and it certainly seems to be looking that way), then he could possibly stand a better chance of becoming the next Bachelor than Wells.

There's one thing that Wells has in his favor — something which no other Bachelorette contestant from this season has shown as much flair for, and that's total entertainment value. Put simply, Wells is hilarious. He was the only one who dealt with the elimination of the villainous Chad in a way which was aptly ridiculous (by eulogizing his Bachelorette journey whilst scattering the "ashes" of his dearly beloved protein powder) and he dealt with his insecurities on the show in an endearingly self-deprecating manner which made for fantastic (and heart-crushing) comic relief. If the producers of The Bachelor are looking for someone who can bring something a little bit different to the role, then Wells is definitely their man.

He might be hilarious, but Wells is also incredibly tender and sincere when he needs to be. And I mean, if you need any proof that he'd be the perfect guy to take things a little slower than usual with The Bachelor contestants then just look at this tweet that he posted in response to the his elimination episode:

He is too adorable. But is America ready for a Bachelor who takes things so slowly? Because Wells could be quite strikingly different from many of the previous Bachelor's in that he feels more grounded, more easy-going and less scandalous than many of the usual Bachelor types. He isn't really the sort of fairytale Prince Charming that many of the former Bachelor's get portrayed as being, but who needs a guy who can slay dragons and save damsels when you could have a man who treats you right and makes you laugh?

At this point it's still a little too hard to call whether Wells stands a fighting chance of becoming the next Bachelor, but one things for sure: He definitely has my vote for the role as well as a strong following of fans who will continue to campaign in his favor. So, here's hoping Wells will be granted a second and more successful opportunity to find love on national television in the not too distant future (and that he has many eloquent, special first kisses to come).

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC; Giphy