Yes, Wells From 'The Bachelorette' Is Single

If all the guys on The Bachelorette are roses, then Wells Adams is decidedly that one ridiculously awesome weed that you didn't intend to plant, but somehow love more than all the other flowers in the garden. Because that's the thing about Wells — he did not belong on The Bachelorette. He was too normal, too funny, too #pure. But by the time his run on the show was finished, damn it all if America wasn't decidedly in his corner anyway, and tweeting aggressively every step of the way.

Odds are if you're reading this and you're a true #TeamWells player, then you're already up to speed with Wells 101. He hosts two radio shows in Nashville, is the proud BFF of Carl the Bloodhound (he and Carl are a "package deal," he shares with Bustle), and his hilarious Snapchat is what your suspiciously long office pee break was born for. Despite all of this, Wells was given a woefully low amount of screen time throughout JoJo's season of The Bachelorette (so much so that some of us had to write Wells fan fiction to cope), and was gone just as soon as we finally got to know him. Thankfully, Wells chatted with Bustle on the phone to clear a few things up and dig a little deeper into his time on the show.

First things first: you should know that Wells has been savagely slandered in the press. One of the first things fans knew about him was a tidbit on his bio claiming he didn't like pizza, a tidbit that he finally has the chance to absolve himself from and truly become The Perfect Human (TM).

"I didn't realize that was going to be such a huge backlash! I do love pizza ... it's awesome drunk people food," Wells clarifies to Bustle, after explaining that he merely said he didn't love pizza the way the rest of the masses do. Concerning? Maybe. But not nearly as damning as hating pizza as a whole. (To be fair, his frequently professed love for tacos mostly evens this out.)

Now that we've all breathed a collective sigh of relief, here's some more good news for you: Wells Adams is, in fact, a single man.

"I am single since staying off the show," Wells confirmed. "It's a bit overwhelming, everything that's happening — I kind of just wanted to focus back in on my career and just kind of like decompress. It's a very intense situation and takes a little bit out of you."

The slightly less good news? When Bustle asked Wells if he'd consider any offers to be the next Bachelor, he seemed very reluctant — but his reasoning behind it is so sweet that you can't really blame him.

"I think that would be a really hard thing to do. I'm a pretty, like, emotional person, and I think that you have to be a little callous to be able to do something like that," says Wells. "And I think that's actually why JoJo is having a difficult time this season, because she's not a callous person. She's a really, really — that was my favorite thing about her, she's really compassionate," he says. "You can tell this whole thing was weighing really heavy on her soul, and I think it would be really hard for me to go in there and every week make a couple people feel bad. Like, that would just be taxing, I think, on my soul as well."

So there you have it, folks: Wells is on the market and likely not going to be pulled off of it for any more reality shows anytime soon. But that doesn't mean that the fight for his heart will be an easy one — there's already a love in his life, and that's Carl the Bloodhound. At the risk of everyone's hearts exploding, you should know that Carl was very, very well cared for in the hands of Wells' sister while he was filming, and that Wells checked on him whenever he could.

"I created an Instagram for Carl so she could post while I was gone, and it was less for people to see Carl — like, who really cares about my dog — and more of like when I could get a producer to be like, 'Hey, could you check Carl's Instagram to make sure he's OK?' kind of thing," explains Wells.

And, to answer his rhetorical question, it turns out a large portion of the internet cares about his dog, because Carl the Bloodhound has more Insta followers than most humans. (If you just hit the "follow" button so fast that you sprained your thumb, you're not alone, friend.)

Just in case there were any doubt that getting Carl's approval to date Wells would be well worth the effort, Wells also took the time to clear up all the ~first kiss with JoJo~ shenanigans that were very much played up on the episode of his one-on-one date.

"These dates we were getting on were very fairy tale-esque and were magical, and for me, I wanted that first kiss to kind of play along that same dialogue — and so I hated the idea of rushing some first kiss at a cocktail party when I knew someone was going to slide in right afterward," Wells shares. "Like, I was waiting for that double rainbow, you know, unicorn-flying-across-the-sky moment. And I told her that that's what I wanted because I wanted that to be the last first kiss of our lives — so I wanted it to be special, and I wanted it to be something that, you know, we could always harken back to and tell our grandkids about," he says. "So I had some maybe lofty expectations about it, but it wasn't that I was nervous to kiss her or or that I didn't want to — I just wanted it to be special, because everything leading up to that had been really special."

That being said, Wells did give us some insight on how he typically dates when he's not competing with several dozen suitors. "I never kiss someone on the first date," says Wells, quipping that since every date he'd had with JoJo prior to their one-on-one was in a group date, he technically broke his rule for her (cue the awwwww).

So there you have it, fellow fans of Wells. He is every bit as precious in the real world as he is on television — our own double rainbow and flying-unicorn-in-the-sky, if you will. So raise a taco in Wells' honor, for as he old adage goes, it is better to have Wells and lost than to have never Wells at all.

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