Here's What Snapchat's "My Eyes Only" Does

If you haven't already heard, our beloved photo-sharing app Snapchat is rolling out a new feature called Snapchat Memories, and it comes with a handy little Snapchat Memories "My Eyes Only" folder that will prevent others from seeing Snaps you want to save, but keep private. How does it all work? The new update will allow you to save your favorite Snaps and Stories into a collection on your app. You can even combine Stories together to form a much bigger Story — a super Story, if you will. Personally, I didn't think Snapchat could ever top the dog filter, but a place where I can save all my dog filter selfies sounds like social media heaven.

Memories also includes a privacy feature called "My Eyes Only". So what exactly does this new feature do? Well, it's basically to save you from your own embarrassment. "My Eyes Only" is a setting that allows you to passcode protect any Snaps you don't want other people to see. This way, you can physically hand over your phone to your besties and they can look through your Memories and see all the cool things you did on your rad beach vacation without worrying about them seeing any Snaps that you know they'd never let you live down. And, of course, only pictures or videos taken in Snapchat can be saved to Memories and "My Eyes Only," so your friends won't see anything that's saved to your phone's regular camera roll. (And don't forget to follow @bustledotcom on Snapchat!)

However, be aware that "My Eyes Only" is super legit when it comes to protecting your privacy. You can only access the photos saved there by putting in the passcode that you set up. If you forget your passcode (or password, if you prefer words to numbers), not even Team Snapchat can help you access or recover anything saved there. If you forget your passcode, you can choose to create a new one, but you'll lose everything that is currently saved to the My Eyes Only page.

Memories will be selectively rolling out over the next month, and you'll receive a Chat from Team Snapchat when the feature is ready for you to start saving some Snaps. But, for now, saving your photos to your regular camera roll will have to do. Happy Snapping!

Image: Snapchat