49 Questions Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston Are Forcing Me To Ask

When those weirdly clear photos of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston on the beach in Rhode Island were released, the Internet — and the Bustle office — was thrown into an uproar. Suddenly, every phrase anyone said around me ended in a question mark: "What are they doing?" "Is this real?" "Was Tom Hiddleston even in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy?" (Bustle has reached out to Swift's rep regarding possibility of the relationship being for publicity for a project, but did not receive a response.) The beach photos seen 'round the web were released on June 15, and now, nearly a month later, the pop culture fiends of the world are still asking questions. Day after day there are more new developments ("They met each other's parents?!") and more strange photos ("He wore an 'I <3 T.S.' shirt?!"), but still neither Swift nor Hiddleston have spoken out about their relationship.

Not that they should have to though, right? A celebrity wearing a shirt with someone else's initials on it, running around the world with that person, and introducing them to their parents would, normally, be plenty confirmation that the two celebrities were dating. But weirdly, in this case, because there is soooo much happening that seems to be confirmation and because all of it is done soooo publicly, it raises suspicions. And brings about lots and lots of questions.

Here are 49 of them.

1. Are they really dating?

2. Did they plan this at the Met Gala?

3. Did they plan this before the Met Gala?

4. What is "this," really?

5. Who recorded them dancing at the Met Gala, anyway?

6. If they aren't really dating, is Calvin Harris in on it?

7. If they aren't really dating and Calvin Harris is in on it, are Taylor and Calvin gonna get back together at some point?

8. Is Calvin Harris really writing a song about Taylor?

9. Are they dating/"dating" so Tom can become James Bond?

10. Does he know that he, allegedly, already blew the whole James Bond thing because of dating Taylor?

11. Why were those photos of their beach canoodling so clear?

12. Why are many of the photos of taken of them from the same photo agency?

13. If Tom is doing this to help his career, what is Taylor getting out of it?

14. Are Taylor and Tom reading about themselves online?

15. Are they doing it over cups of tea whilst eating whole wheat toast with blackberry jam?

16. Did Tom really want to wear that "I <3 T.S." shirt?

17. Did they go buy the "I <3 T.S." shirt together?

18. Did they DIY that ish?

19. Are Taylor and Tom doing this as part of a social experiment about how people get obsessed with celebrity relationships?

20. If so, what is the end game?

21. When they reveal themselves, wouldn't everyone just be like "WTF, y'all?" and be kind of embarrassed but then move on?

22. Is Taylor working on a Lemonade -style album?

23. If so, did she seek advice from Beyoncé?

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

24. Is Taylor shooting a music video starring Tom?

25. Is Taylor going to release an album this year?

26. What was up with that notebook they were reading at the Colosseum?

27. Did they have any convos about the environmental impact of the amount of traveling they've been doing?

28. Should I feel disappointed in the potential involvement of all of the people shown in the photograph below?

29. Isn't that water cold? This is Rhode Island we're talking about!

30. Will Taylor and Tom ever speak about each other in interviews?

31. Did everyone at that Fourth of July party have to sign a nondisclosure agreement?

32. How come Taylor and her friends didn't really share pics from the Fourth of July party until July 5?

33. What do Taylor and Tom's parents think?

34. What does Ryan Reynolds really think?

35. How did they come up with that porch photo?

36. Who took the photo?!

37. Where did Tom get those espadrilles?

38. Was there a stylist at the Fourth of July party?

39. Have Taylor and Tom gone on any regular dates, or just to, like, Rome?

40. Where will they go next?

41. When they breakup will she write songs about him, or nah?

42. When they saw Selena Gomez in concert did Tom think to himself, "Ugh. I am a 35-year-old man for Chrissakes!"?

43. Does Tom truly enjoy inflatable water slides?

44. Are Taylor and Tom gonna get married?

45. Are they gonna record a duet?

46. Are they gonna have children?

47. Are Taylor and Tom truly dating, but just doing a bunch of different stuff to mess with us?

48. Are they reading this very post and laughing over a cold glass of rosé while basking in their love on the porch of Taylor's idyllic Rhode Island home?

49. Should I be ashamed of myself?