Donald Trump Tries To Ruin 'Frozen' For All Of Us

As if he couldn't make things worse, Donald Trump tweeted about 'Frozen' in the worst way. But not only did Trump try to ruin the one thing literally everybody loves, but he actually used a Disney film to defend his offensive Star of David tweet.

In his ridiculous tweet, (I know, one of many), Trump superimposed a six-pointed star with the words, "Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!" on top of a photo of Hillary Clinton. Many quickly pointed out that the star looked like the Star of David, which is a symbol associated with Judaism. What's more, the background of this photo in his tweet was filled with $100 bills. Trump and his campaign have since defended the tweet, saying that the six-pointed star is a sign of law enforcement in the U.S., not the Star of David. However, Trump clearly meant something distasteful in reference to the Star of David, as he later deleted this tweet and replaced the star with a circle.

Now, in his latest showboating on Twitter, Trump returns to this controversial tweet by calling out the "dishonest media" who called him out for the Star of David tweet. He's still trying to defend his actions, which were clearly wrong, but this time, he's using one of our beloved Disney films to do so.

This tweet, like many of Trump's ridiculous tweets, really speaks for itself. Clearly, the use of Trump's six-pointed start — on an image filled with money, Clinton's face, and the message that she's "corrupt" — is completely different than using a six-pointed star on an image of a children's coloring book for a Disney movie.

Luckily this time, Clinton stepped in and had the last word regarding her opponent's nonsensical views:

Trump: Straw man extraordinaire and now, apparently, 'Frozen' expert. Really, though, to accuse Disney's 'Frozen' of anti-Semitism, or to even try to use this as a defense for his clearly anti-Semitic tweet, Trump has continued to show us that he's completely unfit to be a serious leader of this country.

But the one good thing that came of this mess was Twitter's responses on the matter:

It's clear the controversy, er, the cold, never bothered Trump, anyway.