The Craziest Predictions For 'GOT' Season 7

Last season, Game Of Thrones ended with a (green) bang. Not to mention, a new queen, a new king, and a murder by a girl who is no longer no one. But, that's just the beginning of the end for the HBO series, which is heading into its final stretch with a Season 7 that may start a little later than expected. While fans wait with bated breath to see who will win the Game Of Thrones, there are those diehards that have already starting sharing their predictions for Game of Thrones season 7. And boy, there are some doozies.

While some of these predictions seem plausible, based on information the books have already provided readers, other educated guesses seem more like wishful thinking — and maybe a little fan servicing, if they were to come true. Yes, we all want Brienne and Tormund to make it work, but c'mon they've got white walkers to fight. Not to mention, that love doesn't usually win in the seven kingdoms.

But, there are those other predictions that just seem straight-up crazy. Of course, those are also the predictions that are the most fun to take a closer look at. The ones that feel like they could never ever come true, but at the same time, aren't so outside the realm of possibility that fans could discount them all together. This is a fantasy world, after all.

That's why this list is taking a good look at those predictions (yes, a lot do include Jon Snow) that may not seem like sure-bets, but can't be counted out completely.

1. Jon Snow Has A Twin

We know that Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen are Jon Snow's true parents (Yep, R+L does equal J), but the question of whether Jon has a twin still goes unanswered. Some point to the amount of blood lost by Lyanna in the scene fans see in Season 6 as being proof she had more than one child. While others believe Lyanna gave birth to another child right after the scene in Season 6. The guess is that Meera Reed is Jon Snow's sister, which explains why she's still around. Not to mention, those brown curls of hers. The common theory is that Ned Stark asks his friend Howland Reed, who is at the Tower of Joy with him, to take the other child. This way the twins are separated and hopefully out of harm's way. While there are some holes in this theory (Meera's green eyes, for one) it could be an exciting twist to who will be the third ride of Dany's dragons.

2. Jon Snow Marries Daenerys Targaryen

Yes, Jon Snow is technically Dany's nephew, which give this theory a serious ewww factor. But, as our Khaleesi showed in Season 6, she is willing to do anything to get that throne. Love is nothing but a way to gain power. What better to do that than teaming up with Jon Snow and his army? They'd basically be unstoppable. Not to mention, it would fulfill George R.R. Martin's prophecy of Fire (Daenerys) and Ice (Jon).

3. Bran Stark Brings Down The Wall

Fans have already seen that Bran has the power to jump in and out of past events, but is it possible he's been doing it for thousands of years? The Independent predicted that Bran is the architect of everything in the Seven Kingdoms and also the destroyer. In Season 6, after Bran was marked by the Night's King the whole system broke down. The White Walkers were allowed into the cave Bran was staying in, and all chaos broke loose. If Bran ends up at the Wall, which uses the same magic as the cave, the Night's King and his army should technically be able to follow Bran in and destroy it, leaving everyone in the Seven Kingdoms vulnerable.

4. Cersei Vs. Daenerys

Who runs the world? Girls, obviously. Could the two most powerful women in the Seven Kingdoms be gearing up for an all-out war? Some fans seems to think this could lead to the biggest battle in the show's history. Way bigger than that Battle of the Bastards from Season 6. But, will Dany kill Cersei? Maybe don't count on that. Especially if you believe Maggy the Frog. She already predicted all three of Cersei's kids would die and that a younger queen would mess with her. Her final prediction though was that "when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands around your pale throat and choke the life from you." Since "valongar" means "little brother" it seems a Lannister is bound to take her life away. But, which one?

5. Jaime Kills Cersei

Jaime is already known as the Kingslayer, but could he soon be known as the Queenslayer too? Being that he's come home to find that Cersei's actions led to the death of their son, he may not be feeling too lovey-dovey. He killed the Mad King because he threatened to use wildfire, something Cersei's already up and done. Jaime has said before "the things I do for love" so it's quite possible, killing his sister/lover may be something he does to save her from herself.

6. Daenerys Teams Up With The Sand Snakes

Is Dany making a stop in Dorne before invading King's Landing? It's possible that she may want to form an alliance with the Sand Snakes who are no fans of the Lannisters. It would be interesting to see how Tyrion feels about this connection though, since the Sand Snakes have also teamed up with Olenna Tyrell, who did actually kill King Joffrey, despite Tyrion being blamed for the murder.

7. Samwell Tarly Is More Important Than You Think

Samwell is one of the few Game Of Thrones success stories. He not only has been able to find love, but he's now studying to be the maester of the Citadel, the second largest city in Westeros. Not too shabby and perhaps, rather telling of the role Sam plays in this story. John Bradley (a.k.a. Samwell) told The Hollywood Reporter, that fans should pay close attention to gyroscopes seen at the end of Season 6. According to him, this may reveal that Sam is actually the one narrating the Game Of Thrones. "If you take the logic of the story now, the story of Westeros and the story of the battle for the Iron Throne, it would be a book in that library," Bradley told the magazine. "The visual motif of that is you’re about to be told a story — the sense of an idea of being told a story, and people gaining that knowledge, the way Sam is absorbing knowledge in the library.” It sure would explain why the show's spent so much time taking us on Sam's journey to the Citadel, now wouldn't it?

8. Jon Snow Marries Sansa Stark

Yes, this would be rather disturbing, being that they grew up as half-siblings, but in reality, they're half-cousins, which means Jon Snow and Sansa could be a match made in Winterfell heaven. The two could marry and keep it all in the family if Jon should end up winning the Iron Throne. This wouldn't be a romantic union, but a power play. Though one Reddit user does point out Sansa's desire to marry a king throughout the series. Even pointing to the fact that "Jon beheaded Janos Slynt, the man who helped betray Sansa's father Ned. In the books Sansa dreams of a hero chopping off Slynt's head." Still a weird pairing, that even Sansa herself, Sophie Turner can't think about without gagging, telling Variety, "I feel like Jon and Sansa would be a strange one, especially because isn't it considered not legitimate if you haven't consummated the marriage, and I really don't think either of them would be particularly up for that. It would be very difficult to do that." Agree.

9. Gendry Wins The Iron Throne

Remember Gendry? No? Well, that's not all that surprising being that Robert Baratheon's bastard son was last seen sailing off on a rowboat thanks to Ser Davos saving him from Melisandre's clutches. But, Gendry makes it clear he doesn't know how to swim and has never been in a rowboat. While most fans probably think he's lost at sea, there are a few Reddit users who believe Gendry may come back in a big way. Knowing he's a blacksmith, some have already predicted he'll be the one who creates swords of Valyrian steel for everyone. And being that he's the last remaining Baratheon, he would technically be the rightful heir to the throne. Just sayin'.

While these predictions may seem a tad bit crazy, it's clear that the creators of Game Of Thrones have been including Easter eggs along the way that could reveal these guesses aren't as out there as you first thought. Hello, the Robert Baratheon Theory, which may have revealed in the very first episode which Starks were not going to be around until the very end, but only came to fruition in Season 6. This means, fans may want to give the series another watch to see hints may be hiding in plain sight.

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