'The Secret Life of Pets' Post-Credits Scene Has An Adorable Shout-Out To 'Despicable Me'

Illumination Entertainment is best known for the Despicable Me franchise, but with the new movie The Secret Life of Pets, the studio is expanding its reach into new territory. Its new family film, in theaters July 8, uses computer animation techniques to tell the story of a group of NYC pets who end up on an unexpected adventure. But even after the adventure ends, the story isn't over, because The Secret Life of Pets has a post-credits scene that is as charming as the rest of the movie.

It's not too shocking that the comedy has a post-credits scene, given that all of the Despicable Me movies had one, as did Illumination Entertainment's Easter-themed movie Hop. But the Secret Life of Pets post-credits scene is still a fun surprise, and definitely worth sticking around for after the movie ends. The scene, which shows all of the pets at a rockin' party, recalls a few specific jokes from the narrative and also makes a few new ones. It also has a tongue-in-cheek reference to Despicable Me. It's super cute while also being self-aware, and may even make you wonder if there could be a Secret Life of Pets 2 . So without further ado, here's everything you need to know about the scene. Spoilers ahead!

A short while into the credits, there's a quick cut to two of the dogs from the movie, Buddy and Mel, walking down a hallway on their way to a party at Leonard the poodle's apartment. Buddy, a dachshund, is dressed as a teddy bear, with only the front part of his body fitting into the costume. Mel, a pug, is hilariously dressed as a Minion. The two dogs enter the party only to discover — much to their dismay — that no one else there is in costume.

There is dance music playing, but Leonard (who, we have learned, loves to listen to System of a Down when his prim and proper owner is gone) changes the channel to headbanging music. Suddenly, the animals hear Leonard's owners keys in the door, and they all scatter. Leonard quickly straightens up as his owner enters, but just then a chandelier falls with several of the animals still attached to it. The scene cuts out before viewers can see Leonard's owner's reaction, but it's clear that the jig is up.

The scene is clearly intended to be a cute, funny extra, but could it also imply that there will be a Secret Life of Pets sequel? After all, it's the only time in the movie that a human becomes aware of what the animals have really been up to while all their owners were at work. It makes you wonder if there could be a follow-up movie in which the secret lives of the pets become not-to-secret.

It is worth noting, though, that there is one extra line after the movie that implies the story is done. Once all the credits have scrolled through, we hear the voice of the curmudgeonly old dog Pops say "All right, party's over!" But is he referring to the party in the post-credits scene, or does he mean that the "party" of watching the movie is over? The meaning isn't clear, but maybe it's best not to overthink it. Instead, you can just appreciate the absurdity of two little costumed dogs walking into a rager where animals are swinging from chandeliers. It's as delightfully ridiculous as the rest of The Secret Life of Pets, and a great way to wrap up the movie.

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