Are ColourPop’s Ultra Metallic Lippies Limited Edition? You've Got To Work To Get Your Hands On These

This cosmetics company has been on a roll with their product launches lately. They just keep churning out more and more goods and TBH, it’s making me feel as though I may as well just hand over my entire pay check to them. Find out if ColourPop’s Ultra Metallic lippies are limited edition just in case they’re gone before you get the chance to scoop them up online. UPDATE: The brand has confirmed to Bustle that the Ultra Metallic lippies are in fact limited edition.

EARLIER: The Ultra Metallic lipsticks may seem like they’re forever out of stock, but that’s just because they are so covetable. The next restock is July 7 at 10 am PST, so be sure to log on to their website ASAP. Since this is the second time the company’s restocked these metals, I'm thinking they’re not limited edition, but just really hard to catch in stock, instead. Bustle has reached out to the brand to confirm the LE status of these lippies. If these lipsticks aren't limited edition, I have a feeling another restock will be in the future. Because supply and demand, you know. The demand is definitely high for these shiny shades, so be prepared for them to sell out.

ColourPop announced via Snapchat that this restock will have the highest quantity of lippies ever, so hopefully, they’ll stick around for longer than just a few minutes. That’s the plan, at least. You can never be too careful with metals this good, however. So, word to the wise — be online at 10 a.m. PST, OK? OK.

There's a difference between limited quantities and actually being limited edition, you know? These metallic hues are on a first come, first serve basis.

With shades this good, it's no wonder these metals sell out quickly.

Get a load of that shine factor!

I'm dying to get these shades slicked onto my lips.

This is what makeup dreams are made of.

Metallic lippies, come to mama!

Image: colourpopcosmetics/Instagram (1)