Twitter Reactions To The Bill Cunningham Street Corner Prove He Left His Mark On NYC

The world of fashion photography was forever changed recently after a man who influenced it so greatly passed away. To honor his legacy, the city of New York came together to pay tribute in the best way they knew how. There’s now an intersection designated just for the famous fashion photographer Bill Cunningham. These Twitter reactions to the Bill Cunningham corner show just how much this man meant to the people of New York (and beyond).

Shortly after his death, a petition to rename a street corner in his honor was started on At the time of publication, the petition has garnered 6,332 signatures, because people want everyone to know that 5th Avenue and 57th Street was the place to find Cunningham during his life. And I personally can’t think of a more fitting tribute.

The name change is a temporary thing for the time being. According to Racked, Bill Cunningham’s corner will remain for one week. However, “the Administration will continue to work with the Council, the community, and Bill's friends and colleagues on a permanent way to honor his legacy,” Mayor Bill de Blasio told the publication.

The Internet definitely doesn’t mind the idea of this tribute becoming a permanent fixture in the city. See how the people of Twitter have come together to admire Cunningham’s favorite place to spot fashion.

Here is Cunningham's infamous corner. Such a touching homage!

1. More Permanent

People are hoping for something more permanent because one week just isn't long enough.

2. Looking For Bill

Everyone knew to expect Cunningham on that corner, camera in hand.

3. Belongs To Him

This spot practically belongs to him, and rightfully so.

4. Heart-Warming

This is a sweet way to pay tribute to such an important man.

5. I Like The Sound Of That

I could get used to this whole "Bill Cunningham Corner" thing, you know?

6. Goals

Being important enough to have a NYC street named after you? That's some next level stuff right there. #Goals

7. Forever In Blue

The blue sky is quite fitting for Cunningham, who was forever wearing his blue jacket.

8. A Fitting Tribute

Quite fitting, indeed.

9. Legendary

Cunningham's definitely reached legendary status.

10. Picture Perfect

This really is the perfect way to honor Cunningham, if you ask me.

11. Dress The Part

Of course, to visit this corner, you will need to dress the part!

I can't imagine Cunningham would want it any other way.