'Girls' Season Finale: Top 5 Predictions

So, last night we learned that Hannah's mom thinks Adam is bad for Hannah, and that Hannah has a cousin who hates everything who made her touch her "chochi." Our leading lady has also now had her second run-in with someone she knows passing away, and this time, it's someone much closer to her. The other girls of Girls, however, were MIA in this family-centric episode (which brought to mind August: Osage County a tad, no? Was it an Oscars night themed episode?), but lest we forget, we are veering towards the end of the season! So what can we anticipate for the the season finale, based on last night and the entire season? We still have three more episodes to go, but it's never too early to start making some predictions. Here are some guesses:

1. Shosh and Ray have a confrontation

I mean, duh. Ever since he told her she had a "cool cigarette" in the BEST MOMENT of the season, it's been long overdue. And now that he's put it in her so-called BFF (but otherwise dislikable) Marn, it seems like there's gonna be a blow up! That little secret tryst will likely come to surface.

2. Another All-Lady Confrontation

This is strictly based upon how Beach House was by far the best and most volatile episode of the season (it even redeemed Shosh from her descent into less-than-smartsville). Everyone's been up to no good this season (as per usual, but still). Jessa's back on drugs and hangin' out with Richard E. Grant (of Spice World , no less), Marnie has been whining in her new, very expensive shitbox apartment and sometimes having sex with Ray, and Adam and Hannah have been otherwise succeeding in life, when they otherwise have seemed incapable of doing so. The show is at its best when it has riveting moments of truth-telling, and surely Dunham knows that and will bank on it in the season finale.

3. Hannah Will Likely Have To Make Some Big Decisions...Involving Adam

With her grandma's death, and an actually good job (and she's making a legit income! A far cry from asking her parents for rent in the pilot episode)....what does she actually want? Hannah waxes and wanes in her narcissistic ways, but even her Ultimate Goal of A Book has been dropped entirely from the season. Does she want stability — and maybe even marriage someday? Did that conversation with Adam last night hint at the fact that she may be more ready for something stable and real than he is? Is Adam ready for anything stable...at all? There's bound to be some confrontation. Hannah is also not one to let things linger in her mind; if her mother mentioned Adam was no good for her, she's surely going to bring it up at some point because that's the kinda stuff she does. And it will likely be GLORIOUSLY awkward! More confrontations!

4. Something Totally Out Of Left Field

Maybe someone will move! Maybe someone will have sex with an unexpected partner (this is Girls, after all). Or maybe, we'll have the same sick feeling our stomachs we had last season when Hannah dealt with her OCD in a painfully uncomfortable but very real way.

5. We'll Love The Show Ten Times More

It's been an otherwise uneven season, with some episodes oddly confounding, the characters more narcissistic than ever, though at times, more brutally honest and entertaining than ever. Dunham seems to know what she's doing, and perhaps she's been saving the best for last. Surely, the next couple of episodes will send the show spiraling towards and awesome ending, and it's likely she has some of her best tricks yet up her tattooed sleeve. With everyone seeming to be holding back so much, it's like Dunham has been exercising restraint on purpose; perhaps she is awaiting a big blow up. Either way, it's sure to at least be a conversation stimulant; there's a reason it's one of the most talked about shows. Now the big question: how to have a season finale party?