7 Gross Summer Beauty Struggles

by Madison Alcedo
bombuscreative/E+/Getty Images

Summer is in full swing, which can be both the best thing and the worst thing. You know what I'm talking about — the gross summer beauty struggles that we all experience, whether we like it or not. Keeping up your normal beauty routine during the summer can be a challenge, but it's true that we all go through similar annoying issues, so let's talk about it, because you're not alone.

Of course winter beauty woes involve having dry skin basically 24/7 with a side of chapped lips, but for summer it's more than worrying about sunburns. Whether its constant sweating, mascara running down your face, or frizzy hair that is beyond containing, summer isn't the most forgiving to our beauty regimens.

Don't let these gross beauty fails get you down however — we all experience them, and they are completely normal! But just keep in mind, there's still a lot of good things about summer, like watermelon, sun-kissed glows, beaches, and rosé. If you can remember these good things about summer, your #summerstruggles won't seem that bad.

Whether it is sweating uncontrollably, trying to tame your hair, or dealing with unwanted body hair, here's the top summer beauty struggles that are definitely more common than you think. You definitely can laugh about them when it all becomes too much to bare, because you are not alone!

1. Melting Makeup

Have you had enough of your mascara running? Try one of these sweatproof mascaras that guarantees to last you through a hot, summer day.

2. Chafing

If Amy Schumer can suffer through her legs chafing, you can too. But just look at how great that hack is for leg chafing!

3. Boob Sweat

The first thing you probably do after work is take your bra off, right? Well here's some tips to help prevent that unwanted boob sweat in the first place.

4. Frizzy Hair

The number one most annoying thing about summer? It's the humidity of course. Humid weather can make the straightest hair go crazy. But luckily there are a few ways to tame frizzy hair during the summer.

5. The Constant Need To Shave Or Wax

If you're not on a regular waxing routine, shaving during the summer can definitely be a pain, especially if you're prone to razor bumps. Here's a few shaving hacks you need in your life this summer.

6. Chlorine In Your Hair

Do you remember chlorine dying your hair green when you were little? It's a real thing, people. Here's a few tips to keep from having green hair at the pool.

7. The Perpetual Need For A Pedicure

Lots of beach-going and wearing flip flops will do harm to your feet. Because you probably don't have time to make it to the nail salon, try these do-it-yourself tips for a home pedicure.

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