When Do Kylie's New Lip Glosses Come Out?

No other lip product is as hot on the market as Kylie's Lip Kits, which have taken the beauty world by viral storm. Every time she comes out with a new color or iteration, it sells out like crazy, and I expect nothing less with Kylie's new lip glosses—four new colors that match her matte lipsticks, except this time, with a pretty glossy finish that's perfect for the summer months.

Since Jenner got an "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau, she's been working on upping her service. On her website, she said "You guys are the reason I keep going and I'm motivated every day to make Kylie Cosmetics the best it can be." And with better customer service also comes more stock, and a Kylie Cosmetics store opening up. It's safe to say she's ramping up her business big time and thinking of long-term plans.

And while matte lipsticks have been super popular as of late, there is a part of me that's missed shiny glosses that were hot shots in my middle school years. And since fashion and beauty are always cyclical, these of course would come back. And now, Kylie's about to push the trend even further.

On Thursday, Jenner posted several Snapchats on her story. She showed off the different colors: Four in total, although only three made it into her story.

Above, we've got Exposed, Posie K, and Candy K. Jenner mentioned that this is the first of the beauty surprises she's rolling out this month. These glosses will officially be available on July 15th—so get yourselves ready for next week.

Jenner has previously released glosses in the past, but these three new ones are the same shades as her matte lipsticks. And, with her lip liners being sold separately, timing couldn't be better.

Naturally, people are freaking out.

Something tells me these glosses are going to kill it just as much as her matte lip kits have in the past. We have one more color to see, though—make sure to check King Kylie's Snapchats to finally see the Koko swatch. I know I'll be waiting (not so) patiently.