Corey's Goat Story Has 'Big Brother 18' Fans Upset & For Good Reason

In a house full of characters, Big Brother 18 contestant Corey has been laying pretty low. His all-American personality is welcome and inviting, but there are some parts of Corey's past that are alarming at best, and horrifying at worst. Recently, while exchanging stories with other houseguests, Corey told an anecdote about a live goat and a friend of his threatening to cause great harm to the innocent animal. What exactly is the deal with Corey's goat story?

Corey started the season as a mild-mannered baseball coach with a self-proclaimed sleepwalking habit and a love of Christmas but has quickly become one of the most talked-about houseguests on Twitter and social media. Most of Corey's personality hasn't alienated him from the other houseguests, which is important if he hopes to continue working with the powerful 8-pack alliance. But, in sharing his goat story with the others, he received some negative reactions from other current houseguests, and a great deal of criticism from former houseguests on social media. And, frankly, considering the alleged disturbing details, those houseguests are completely in the right.

Corey's story started innocently enough. A friend of his decided to buy a goat and brought it to their baseball house. However, things quickly took a dark and dour turn when, according to Corey, said friend allegedly doused the goat in lighter fluid and attempted to set the animal ablaze. While the story itself is gross and horrifying on its own, what's even worse is that fact that throughout the story, Corey is laughing. His telling of the near-burning of a live goat is funny to him — and it should go without saying that this is not a funny story.

It's very common to exchange weird and even gross stories amongst friends, but the fact that Corey had a smile on his face while telling the story as though he didn't realize that someone setting a goat on fire, or even threatening to, is NOT OK has made a lot of people very uncomfortable. James and Paul were very quick to denounce Corey's friend, and state that his alleged actions went incredibly over the line. Also, many former houseguests have taken to Twitter to state that animal cruelty is not something that anyone should take lightly.

The tale will likely never be seen on the live CBS show, as the broadcasts are usually reserved for gameplay, strategy, and more light-hearted fare like Corey's Christmas antics. However, details like this are part of what makes Big Brother a truly unique experience that allows fans to get more insight into the competitors than any other show on television. However, with that comes the revelation that some of the houseguests may have some flaws that are hard to forgive. Hopefully, Corey's good qualities outshine his undesirable views, but as long as this gross story looms over him he's going to have an awfully difficult time maintaining goodwill amongst fans — and maybe rightfully so.

Image: Monty Brinton/CBS