Is The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Premiere Date Going To Be Announced Soon? The Cast Is Making A Big Appearance

Start revving your Stars Hollow engines, because the official press tour for the Gilmore Girls revival is about to begin. It was announced on Friday that the major Gilmore players have set their first date with the press. Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Amy Sherman-Palladino, Scott Patterson, and Dan Palladino will all be making their first public press stop for the revival at the Television Critics Association press tour on July 27. And of course, this announcement means big things are in store for Gilmore Girls fans. Not only is this the first public appearance by the cast since the revival was first announced, but I'm beginning to wonder if this press event could mean that the Gilmore Girls revival premiere date is on its way soon. Whether it's announced at the TCA press tour or shortly before, with July 27 just days away, this means the world could know the Gilmore Girls revival premiere date within a matter of days.

Commence freak out!

Now that we got that out of our systems, I’m thinking it’s pretty likely that something will be announced at this event. Whether it’s the date the episodes will be released or a screening of the trailer for the miniseries, something big has to be happening at this event. And by big I mean something bigger than the major players of the Gilmore Girls revival coming together for their first public appearance, 'cause yeah, that’s a big enough deal all on its own. Still, something tells a public appearance to mark the first press event of the Gilmore Girls revival won't be all the series is going to do to celebrate the series returning. To stir up media and fan attention, I’m putting all my money on something way bigger happening at this event. And, let’s be real, I’d be happy with either the premiere date or even the trailer being released at this event.

Whether it was a date that I could pencil officially into my calendar, a trailer I could watch on repeat for clues about what is happening in Stars Hollow these days, or an entire schedule of when the episodes will be released (will it be all at once or one at a time?), I’d be pretty happy with whatever Sherman-Palladino and her Gilmore crew have to offer us at this event. Considering that all information about the Netflix revival has been on lockdown, any information at this point would feel like manna from heaven.

So give us whatever you’ve got, Gilmore Girls. We’re so ready for this revival to happen.

Image: Warner Bros. Television; Giphy