7 Funny Things Women Do When They're Alone


No matter how many happy hours, fitness classes, late-night work sessions or press events I have each week, I always set aside an evening (or at the very least, a few hours) to have some alone time. We all live a very active, social life, hopefully surrounded by supportive and loving friends and family, but let’s face it: single, in a relationship or any other status, spending time by yourself is key to maintaining sanity.

And while television and movies would like us to believe that we’re sitting at home, reading a book with a hot cup of organic tea, the truth is — when we’re all by our lonesome, with no one around to judge us or talk to us… we do some pretty ridiculous sh*t. Or at least, that’s how it would appear if anyone actually saw us doing our secret behaviors.

From at-home facials to naked dance parties, you might be a tad embarrassed to confess the weird stuff that bring you great joy, but seriously, don’t be. I’ll be the first to admit that when I’m left to my own devices (without a roommate in sight) — I put on a green mud mask, pluck my chin hairs (thanks for those, mom), eat with my fingers and watch shows about dream homes, thinking about the house I’ll one day have with a husband I’ve yet to meet.

Is it a little ridiculous? Absolutely. Does it make me happy? Definitely. Here, seven women share their secret alone behaviors that they love:

1. I Eat Dinner Standing Over the Trash Can

2. I Order Greasy Food And Hide The Evidence

3. I Eat Ice Cream In Men’s Boxer Briefs

4. I Clean While Binge Watching

5. I Cook in My Underwear

6. I Never Put On Clothes

7. I Play With My Cat

8. I Twerk Like Nobody's Watching

9. I Eat Peanut Butter And Dream

10. I Practice Singing Karaoke To YouTube Songs Until 2 a.m.

11. I Pop Everything I See On My Face

Images: Giphy; Pexels