Watch Every Pixar Movie Ending In One Perf Video

There are few things in life more cathartic and uplifting than watching a Pixar movie. Hanging out with Buzz, Woody, Joy, Sully, Boo, and the rest of Pixar's ever-growing roster of characters is a recipe for happiness, and that is why you need the latest Pixar fan-made video in your life. A genius fan by the name of Sean Stroud created a video featuring the ending of every Pixar movie made so far, minus Finding Dory (so there are no spoilers if you haven't made it to the theater yet). And yes, watching all of the endings back-to-back is going to give you a serious case of feelings.

Starting with Toy Story and ending with The Good Dinosaur, the endings are in chronological order and they feature different songs from the films — beginning with a Randy Newman song because the man is practically synonymous with Pixar at this point. In five short minutes, you will watch as Woody and Buzz solidify their friendship, as the critic in Ratatouille enjoys a meal surrounded by a crowd full of happy diners, and as Merida gallops off into the sunset. While all of the endings are happy in their own way, they are also full of moments of triumph, melancholy, and so much beauty. Seriously, who told Pixar their animation could be so flawless?

Watching all the endings together is a reminder that Pixar has literally never produced a bad ending. There is not one single movie that has not ended with a visually stunning shot or an emotional sucker punch right to your heart (I'm looking at you, Up). For Pixar fans, this is the perfect trip down memory lane. While it may inspire you to have an epic rewatch down the line, sometimes it is just as nice to let your emotions soar via a beautiful fan video.

Forget espresso — this shot of pure, undiluted Pixar goodness is all you need to remind yourself how wonderful the world can be as long as Woody has Buzz, Sully has Boo, and Remy can run the best restaurant in Paris. You'll smile, you'll cry, you'll hit replay 57 times; this is the Pixar tribute you never knew you needed in your life.

Image: Pixar; Walt Disney Animation