Prepare To Feel Some Major 'Full House' Nostalgia

Like most '90s kids, Cory and Topanga will always have a place in my heart. These Boy Meets World characters gave millennials everywhere an example of true love. But you know what TV couple doesn't get enough credit? DJ and Steve on Full House . Luckily, they reunited briefly on the Netflix spin-off, Fuller House (and I'm still holding out hope for them to rekindle things in Season 2). The nostalgia continues to live on, thanks to a recent Instagram post. Candace Cameron Bure shared a throwback from the Full House set of herself, Scott Weinger (who played Steve), and Lori Loughlin (aka Aunt Becky). It's so good that you may channel your inner Uncle Jesse and let out a "Have mercy!" Bure wrote,

Epic Flashback Friday with @scottweinger & @loriloughlin when color printing photo booths weren't the norm. #FBF #FullHouse #FullerHouse

The picture is black-and-white because, as Bure points out, color photo booths weren't as popular or commonplace back then. Another sign of the times? People hadn't yet truly mastered the art of posing for selfies, so their faces are pretty crammed together and slightly cut off. Perhaps the best part is the smoldering stare that Weinger is giving the camera. It's almost like he's trying to be the new Uncle Jesse or something.

Although she didn't end up with him, Steve was easily the best of DJ's boyfriends on the original show. (Sorry, Viper!) So I love that this picture captures their time together. The fact that Loughlin is in the photo feels pretty fitting too. Sure, Weinger and Bure's characters were the ones dating, but because the house was so full, there were always other family members interrupting what otherwise would be romantic moments. I know this photo was taken by the actors (not their characters), but still, it feels appropriate to have their TV aunt there.

And guess what? This throwback is all the more heartwarming, because they're still taking photos together to this day. Here's a recent shot posted by Weinger.

Not much has changed, huh? If the rest of the Full House cast has any other nostalgia-inducing photos at home, I sure hope they share them on Instagram. Because after all these years, they never get old.