18 Plastic Accessories '90s Girls Will Love

by Eliza Florendo

Nothing defines '90s style quite like the jelly sandal. Super fun, glittery, and colorful, we spent the entirety of the decade fawning over them. '90s plastic accessories were everything—whether they were sandals, backpacks, keychains, or beaded scrunchies. Aside from a flannel wrapped around your waist and a scrunchie in your hair, the biggest necessity of the '90s were crystal clear accessories.

Aside from watching Boy Meets World, Clarissa Explains It All, and Fresh Prince, I was spending my time searching my sister's closets and jewelry boxes for their coolest clothes and accessories. A cool graphic tee that's three sizes too big for me? Didn't matter—still gonna wear it. I mean, I needed to be seen with that Backstreet Boys t-shirt.

Rummaging through their accessory and jewelry box, I'd pick out butterfly clips, puka shell necklaces, beaded anklets, jelly chokers, and of course, an alien-shaped keychain. Oh, and I couldn't forget the headband bandana, courtesy of Mary Kate and Ashley's style. Basically, the more colorful, the better, and the easier to break was preferred. What was with plastic and the '90s? I'll never know.

As the 2000s rolled in, and the 2010s, we said goodbye to those crazy accessories, and hello to more minimalist, classic pieces that would never go out of style. But with the '90s once again trending, we've seen wackier accessories coming back again. Let's celebrate with these accessories, shall we?

1. The Backpack

Poly Vinyl Mini Backpack, $27,

I would've spent every penny I had on this.

2. The Tattoo Choker

Tattoo Choker Necklace, $8,

We all loved these.

3. Rhinestones

Stick-On Rhinestones-Crystal AB-5mm Round, $2.99,

The best part of these? You can put them anywhere.

4. The Bauble

L. Erickson Ball Bauble, $34,

Love the two tone on this one.

5. The Hair Ring

Invisibobble The Traceless Hair Ring, $8,

These scream the '90s.

6. The Clutch

Sondra Roberts Marble Resin Cutch, $85,

The marble print makes it feel super modern.

7. The Plastic Sandal

Really Glitz Me Going Sandal, $11.99,

Love the gladiator style.

8. Lippy Bag

Circus by Sam Edelman Miles Clear Bag - Lips, $35,

Yes to everything about this.

9. The Classic Alien Earrings

Alien Earrings, $10,

These were a must-have back in the day.

10. The Tote

Truss Woven Medium Tote, $180,

Love all the colors on this beauty.

11. The Plastic Block Heel

Calvin Klein Laureen Sandals, $118.30,

This color is perfect for summer.

12. Round Sunnies

Quay Women's Mirrored Outside Squad Sunglasses, $44.10,

Sunglasses are the ultimate accessory.

13. The Glitter Phone Case

Skinnydip London Fairy Dust iPhone 6 Case, $28,

This would keep me entertained for hours.

14. The Makeup Bag

Printed Zip Makeup Bag, $8,

Just looking at this makes me smile.

15. Extraterrestrials

ASOS iPhone 6 And 6s Alien Hologram Case, $13,

So we didn't have iPhones in the '90s, but if we did, this case would slay.

16. Dice

Vintage Lucky Dice Lucite Pierced Studs Earrings, $6.30,

Playful pieces make the best jewelry.

17. The Cutest Headphones Case

Happy Jackson Ear Phone Case, $14.50,

Cause nobody likes tangled headphones!

18. The Resin Ring

Large Resin Ring, $12,

This color is amazing.

If you're on the hunt for the next '90s-feeling accessory—look no further. These pieces are so quirky and fun and bring me right back to my childhood. Once a '90s baby, always a '90s baby.