Frank's Eviction Nom Is Surprising On 'BB18'

by Allie Gemmill

It looks like the latest gameplay twist, the Big Brother Road Kill competition, is the source of yet another drama-filled eviction nomination. Bronte is the most nominee to fall prey to Frank and his schemes. Sadly, this is not the first time Bronte is in the hot seat. Her position on the block adds even more pressure onto one of the few Big Brother players that consistently has a target on her back. Frank spent most of Sunday night's episode ruffling a lot of feathers. The drama began with a quick recap of the contentious relationship Frank had with Tiffany. Frank's differences with Tiffany became a perfect storm of machinations when Frank earned a safe spot, Bridgette became the Head of Household and Frank subsequently seized upon Bridgette's timidity to start making bold suggestions about who should go on the block for elimination. Bridgette took Frank's advice to nominate Tiffany, much to Tiffany's chagrin.

The drama amped up even further when Frank once again won the Road Kill competition. Did you catch the look of sweet relief on his face when he opened up the tackle box for the results? I sure did and boy did it signal that some major mischief was in store for the rest of the house. It came in the form of the surprising — or not so surprising, depending on how prescient you are — of Bronte once again getting a spot on the block. The show was capped with an oddly sharp promise of vengeance from the usually happy-go-lucky Bridgette, who promised that the Road Kill winner should "watch their back," because Bronte's nomination threatened her friendship and alliance with Bridgette. Little does Bridgette know that this promise could end up affecting her friendship and alliance with Frank, who is her actual teammate. The Road Kill competition has proven once again to not only add an extra layer of paranoia to the Big Brother game play, but it's also starting to divide loyalties.

It looks like this week is destined to be an incredibly tension-filled, dramatic week for the Big Brother house. Is #Category4 about to fall prey to internal tension and affect everyone involved? Will Bronte really be in danger of going home? With Frank already stirring the pot, knowingly or not, Bridgette's guard up and the alliances thrown into question, we could be in for a major shake-up.

Image: CBS