This Is Why You Pack Everything When You Move

I've left things in apartments before when I've moved out. We've all done it. I've left behind an old mattress, a couple wastebaskets, a shower curtain liner, and some other odds and ends that were probably worth a grand total of about $50. That's why it's so hard to comprehend how Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom were robbed of $250,000 in items they left at their former home.

Following Kardashian's file for divorce, she and Odom put their house on the market in January and it was it was sold to Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco soon after. The home was listed at $5.499 million and was 8,347 square feet. There's definitely plenty of space to forget stuff.

According to the Los Angeles Times, "Law enforcement sources said there were no signs of forced entry and that many people had access to the house in recent weeks." Well, there's how their valuables were stolen. If people are coming by to view your house or work on renovations, then you should probably take everything with you. When Cuoco agreed to buy the home, everything should have been out immediately. I know some items have to stay to make the house look "nice" (See: Giant animal print rug), but this was reportedly a jewelry theft so there are no excuses. I mean, it could've been Cuoco. You can't trust her, look how many vowels are in her name!

Kardashian discovered the burglary on Monday when she and her mother, Kris Jenner, went to pack up. TMZ claims the stolen items consist of "watches and gold chains" and that police suspect it's an inside job. It sounds like that's very likely. It also sounds like the jewelry may have been Odom's rather that Kardashian's if watches and gold chains were the primary items stolen.

Good luck to Kardashian and Odom on getting their things back, but they might have to just learn a lesson in not leaving $250,000 worth of stuff in the house you no longer live in. I know I won't be leaving my massive amount of wealth lying around anymore.