'BB16's Hayden Could Be Single, Ladies

by Emily Lackey

I can’t be the only one who has spent the entirety of Big Brother Season 18 watching Nicole and Corey get cozy in the Head of Household bed and thinking that all of this looks a little familiar. Mainly because Nicole has already been in a Big Brother showmance. During Season 16, Nicole and Hayden fell in love and took their feelings for each other out into the real world. But, when Nicole said on Sunday night’s episode that she had never met another man like Corey before then, my eyes widened, my jaw dropped to the floor, and I couldn’t help myself from yelling at the television, “But what about Hayden?” Not only has Nicole met a man like Corey before, but she met him in the Big Brother house. The whole incident made me wonder: who is Big Brother's Hayden dating now?

Big Brother fans, it turns out that Hayden Voss hasn’t actually gone far. Even though Nicole might be in the Big Brother house this season, and certainly seems poised to have a fresh start in the world of dating with Corey, it wasn’t too long ago that she and Hayden were making public appearances together.

Nicole was single when she came into the Big Brother house, but it's a little unclear when exactly these two former houseguests broke up. What seems to be pretty clear from Hayden’s social media accounts, though, is that he hasn’t started dating anyone new in the meantime. With very few posts and pictures — aside from some adorable shots of Hayden and his family celebrating his mother’s birthday at various sites in Ireland — there’s no indication that Hayden is seeing anyone else these days. The only indication of romance on any of his accounts is with Nicole herself.

Instead of pictures of Hayden with his arms wrapped around other girls, the more recent shots of this Big Brother houseguest are with Nicole. Like the picture of them at a club in April 25, or the multiple tweets about their date to the Me Before You premiere. For a movie that’s all about loving selflessly, that premiere date looks more romantic than platonic to me.

His most recent tweet was a shot of he and Nicole together, with a message of support for his former Big Brother housemate on June 22. Since then it’s been radio silence. So has this Big Brother houseguest moved on from his original showmance and started dating other people? It doesn’t look like it.

If his social media account is any indication, it looks like his heart is still wrapped up in Nicole. Awww. But that also means that he, too, is single and ready to mingle, in case you fell in love with him during his season like Nicole did.

Image: CBS