Is Hayden Watching 'Big Brother 18'? Nicole's Return May Give Him A Reason

Nicole Franzel has been killing it on Big Brother this season, becoming the first Head of Household of BB18 and picking up alliances left and right. She's even on the brink of starting a up a little showmance with her teammate, Corey Brooks. But, with a new showmance brewing, fans can't help but wonder what happened between Nicole and her Season 16 showmance partner, Hayden Voss. After their time on Big Brother ended, Nicole and Hayden did what very few reality television couples do — they started dating for real. It was our very own Big Brother love story. But, alas, fans of the couple were saddened to hear Nicole declare that she was single when she returned as a houseguest for Season 18. With Nicole back in the house and ready to get her showmance on, the question we need to know, is Hayden watching Big Brother ?

Hayden and Nicole might be over, but if social media is any indication, these two found a way to part ways amicably. On the night of the BB18 premiere, Hayden tweeted his support to Nicole (though, it should be noted that Hayden's Twitter account is not verified, and neither is Nicole's). Hayden isn't super active on social media and he hasn't commented on Nicole's second turn in the Big Brother house again, at least not via Twitter. Still, it's safe to say he's at least casually tuning in to see Nicole kick butt.

Now, whether or not Hayden is watching the BB18 live feed, that's a completely different story, though I'm willing to bet he heard about one particular exchange. During an interaction captured on the live feed, Nicole opened up about her relationship with Hayden, telling some fellow girls in the house, "We're just at different points in our life." The couple was long distance for over a year — something Nicole revealed contributed to their breakup. "I had never been more in love in my entire life," Nicole added.

Some fans still don't believe that Nicole and Hayden are really broken up, but the two seem close enough that Hayden would watch Nicole on Big Brother regardless of their relationship status.

Image: CBS