We Couldn't Have 'Gilmore Girls' Without Her

by Mary Grace Garis

We're still not over the near-scare over Melissa McCarthy not returning to the Gilmore Girls Netflix revival; it was an anxiety that plagued the fandom until McCarthy announced she'd be joining the reboot after all. Well, now it looks as though she's taking on more Gilmore Girls responsibilities beyond simply playing absent-minded cook Sookie St. James. When asked about how many episodes are in the Gilmore Girls revival, McCarthy joked that she had taken matters into her own hands.

"700. There's only four movies, but I have written an additional 696 episodes," she told E! News. "It's just kind of me and a voiceover." Listen, I dream of having several hundred more episodes that follows Sookie's recent flambé disasters with some bigwig Hollywood person narrating (Morgan Freeman, obvi). Failing that, I think this is further proof that the revival would've had a gaping hole if McCarthy hadn't returned.

The thing is, Gilmore Girls naturally always catered to the narcissistic antics of the show's blue-eyed, coffee-guzzling protagonists. That's fair, if CW had titled the series "St. James" I would be very confused about why we care about a 21-year-old Yale brat stealing a yacht. Point is, we love our self-centered Gilmores in spite of it all, but Sookie? Sookie was the character that we'd really want as a friend.

Throughout the series, Sookie was an invaluable sidekick to Lorelai, and probably drew in a substantial crowd to the Independence and Dragonfly Inn based on her culinary prowess alone. And not only was she able to take something like risotto or lobster bisque and make into a paradise of flavors, she was able to do it at the drop of a hat: every impromptu event the Gilmores had to throw together, Sookie came prepared with a melange of edible goodies. Sure, it was her clumsiness that sent us into hysterics, but her heart made her a beloved VIP in Stars Hollow... and you couldn't help but feel as though she wasn't quite as appreciated as she should be (although she was never shafted ala Lane, thank goodness).

Of course, McCarthy was able to emerge from the Gilmore Girls shadow. Lest we forget, she skyrocketed to super stardom with her Oscar-nominated role as Megan in 2011's Bridesmaids. She's since had a string of successful comedies which most recently includes the Ghostbuster reboot, and all the while co-starring in CBS's Mike & Molly until its cancellation. McCarthy is no bit player anymore, and with her returning Gilmore Girls, it feels as though we get to see how much Sookie has accomplished since her days in the sleepy Connecticut town.

McCarthy, in the end, has definitely embraced that kind of homecoming. "It was fantastic," she said about returning to that Stars Hollow set. "To be back there and be back in that world was pretty dreamy. It just felt like we hadn't been gone that long at all. It was really nice."

I'm sure it'll feel just like old times when we finally see her pop up in the Gilmore Girls four parter (or 700 parter), but fingers crossed that the series throws snaps to Sookie (and McCarthy's) success. Truly, Stars Hollow wouldn't be the same without her and her jalapeno-chipotle mac and cheese.

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