McCarthy Drops New Hint About Sookie's 'GG' Return

I am still elated about Sookie St. James, Stars Hollow chef extraordinaire, returning to Gilmore Girls. So much so that I haven't put much thought into how Sookie will return to Stars Hollow. Given the fact that Melissa McCarthy was the last major star to join the reunion and she is crazy busy being one of the top actresses on the planet, I would not dare to let myself hope for anything more than a quick phone call between Sookie and Lorelai. Would that be ideal? No, but a tiny bit of Sookie is way better than no Sookie at all.

Sookie's return is sounding way less long distance than I initially thought though. During a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, McCarthy gushed about her return to the Stars Hollow set. "I stopped by about two weeks ago, I think, and just saw the sets and saw everybody there," McCarthy told ET. "It kind of felt like we didn't skip a beat."

That's right, guys. McCarthy was on set working with the rest of the cast. She literally says it was like they didn't skip beat, meaning there has to be scenes of Sookie interacting with Jackson, Lorelai, and Michel in a meaningful way. Don't get too excited — I am fairly certain McCarthy's actual screentime will be minimal, but knowing she will be in Stars Hollow again is giving me a serious case of the feels.

Like all of the other storylines in the Gilmore Girls revival, details about Sookie's return and how her temporary absence from Stars Hollow will be explained are being closely guarded. The only thing there is to go on at this point is a British flag hanging on the outside of Sookie and Jackson's home. There has been serious speculation that Sookie is spending time abroad as a chef, and I think that is a pretty cool explanation for her extended absence. Hey, maybe she got a gig cooking for the royal family — how cool would that be?

If McCarthy was onset filming a couple of weeks ago, then she could very well be in the finale, "Winter." She could be coming home to spend Christmas with her family, or maybe to be there for Lorelai's wedding to Luke (because those two are getting hitched if I have to drag them to the chuppah myself). There is also the possibility that her trip is coming to an end, and Sookie will be there to resume her work at the Independence Inn. Come on, Michel and Sookie have to have at least one scene together or the revival just will not feel complete.

While I am craving firm details about the state of Sookie, just knowing fans will get to see her interacting with the other characters in a Stars Hollow setting is enough information for now. If Sookie ends up making her triumphant return to her little hometown in the last episode, all the better. At least then the show would end with all the characters exactly where they are meant to be.

Get excited, guys, because McCarthy won't be "phoning" her performance in from the sound of things, she will be right there with the rest of the cast basking in the Gilmore Girls nostalgia. This news may be vague, but it is still all kinds of amazing.

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