6 Ways To Brighten Your Best Friend’s Day

There's nothing worse than when your bestie is having a bad day. Either she's in a mood for no reason (that phenomenon commonly known as "waking up on the wrong side of the bed") or life just threw a lot at her: like a tough week at work. But, it's entirely possible to be there for her and completely cheer her up!

When the going gets tough, the tough get going—or, better yet, they get thoughtful. Making even a small gesture to show your best friend how much you care can change her mood for the better, if not turn her whole day around. As they say, it's the thought that counts, and putting in a little effort can go a long way. Friendship isn't always road trips and inside jokes and book club meetings (if only!). Sometimes, it asks us to go above and beyond. So why not pull out all the stops for your BFF?

In collaboration with the BIC® Soleil Shine® razor campaign to "Make Your Own Sun," here's how to lift your BFF's spirits, help her make the best of the situation at hand, and show her that it's possible to regain control of her happiness—even when the circumstances are less than ideal. Because sometimes, you just need a little help from a friend.

Put Your Phone Away

There's no better way to show your best friend that she has your full attention than by leaving your phone in your purse. Put it on silent. Do not touch it. It's a simple way to say, "This is the most important conversation I'm having right now." Your mom—and Insta—can totally wait.

Ask: "Is There Anything I Can Do?"

Picking up her dry cleaning or re-stocking a few essentials for her kitchen might not mean that much to you, but helping to lighten her load is always appreciated. It's less about you doing stuff for her and more that you're down to do it in the first place.

Just Be There

People cope in different ways. If something's upsetting her, she might not want to share it—or, alternately, she may want to talk it out over Thai food. So just say that you're there if she needs you. Zero pressure!

Plan A BFF Date

You know what they say: It's the thought that counts. If she had a family emergency, offer to come over and order in dinner. If she got dumped? See if she wants to check out that new wine bar to get her out of the house.

Surprise Her With A Little Gift

Show up with something pricey and she might just feel pressured to return the favor. But a small gesture—think flowers, coffee (exactly the way she takes it) or your favorite book—might be more appreciated than you think.

Tell Her Exactly Why You Love Her

Wouldn't it cheer you up to hear why your BFF loves spending time with you? A sincere reminder of our best qualities would put most of us in a better mood, so it's worth getting a little mushy for the sake of your friend. (If that's too sappy for you, write it down in the card.)

This post is sponsored by BIC® Soleil Shine ®.

Images: (1) Andrew Zaeh/Bustle; (4) Pexles; (1) Dayne Topkin/Unsplash; (1) Fotolia