Is Bethany Young Spencer's Twin On 'PLL'?

by Rosie Narasaki

You'd think we'd have filled our twin quota on Pretty Little Liars, what with Mary Drake wreaking havoc all over Rosewood, but could another character have a long-lost sibling? There are tons of theories out there (this is PLL, after all), but it might just be Spencer this time. Think about it: Could Bethany Young be Spencer's twin? It might sound like something of a shot in the dark, but stranger things have happened on PLL — plus, the show has been dropping hints about a possible twin for Spencer for ages, and Bethany would be the perfect candidate.

Alarm bells sounded in a major way when Mary casually mentioned the fact that Spencer and Melissa were "like twins." Now, there's certainly a family resemblance between the two, but you don't go around Rosewood dropping the T-word unless you mean business — so it might just be more than the innocuous statement it seemed to be. Plus, as long as we're talking about Spencer and Melissa, there have always been some nagging inconsistencies between them, which have lead some fans to believe that there might be a third Hastings sister out there. After all, at one point Spencer reminisces about playing hide and seek, and Melissa doesn't remember it at all, which is fishy for the ultra-brainy elder Hastings who usually doesn't miss a thing. If you put on your tinfoil hat, it could very well point to the notion that Spencer might have actually been playing with someone else, even a twin.

Perhaps even more alarmingly, Hanna had a jarringly realistic "dream" about a Spencer sans bangs. The whole thing felt a little off, and it seemed more like one of Ali's "visions" of her late mother than a true dream, which got the twin rumor mill churning in full force. The very fact that Spencer would appear to Hanna in a dream just to give her advice on how to escape is strange, and the fact that she appeared without bangs is downright suspicious. Could it have actually been Spencer's evil twin pulling a Mary Drake on Hanna?

Then, there's also Spencer's odd Radley dream sequence to consider. Remember that episode where Dance Moms star/Mini Sia, Maddie Ziegler, had a cameo as a ghostly little girl dancing through Radley? As with the strange Hanna dream, there was something that never felt quite right about the Radley dance scene, and almost a year later, we still haven't had any explanation as to what it meant. Some are taking the scene to mean that Spencer has some repressed memories of a childhood spent at Radley — or maybe even the fact that she had a twin who grew up at Radley. Could this have been Bethany, a.k.a. the sister Spencer remembers playing hide and seek with? After all, there was more than a passing resemblance between Spencer and the dancing girl, and it would make for a killer twist.

If there really is a twin, we can pretty much count on that person making themselves known soon — as Veronica's political career continues, the threat of more Hastings secrets being brought to light is ever-present. We saw it when Veronica's opposition threatened to reveal her cancer diagnosis, so it's entirely possible that a secret twin will somehow find its way out of the woodwork this time.

I certainly hope that's how it goes down. Don't you want to see Troian Bellisario use her considerable acting chops to pull double duty on us all?