Who's In The 'BB18' Spy Girls Alliance?

It's pretty much expected that Big Brother alliances minted in the first few days of the game are bound to dissolve. So when three newbie players — Natalie, Bridgette, and Bronte — sat down to form an all-girls alliance under the not-so catchy name "Spy Girls," I couldn't help but feel like it was an alliance doomed from the start, especially in a house filled with much bigger, brawnier alliances (hello, 8-pack) and plenty of returning houseguests with something to prove. For those with more faith in the proceedings, perhaps it's not as surprising that the Spy Girls are now, despite being targeted in almost every nomination so far, still going strong. And in fact, the feeds indicated the girls might have more intel on what's going on in the house than really anyone else, a new development that has quickly pushed the Spy Girls to the front of the alliance pack. But, before we get to theorizing, we might want to memorize who all is in the Big Brother 18 Spy Girls alliance.

Following in the footsteps of another lady spy trio (I'm talking Totally Spies! here, not Charlie's Angels, sorry), the Spy Girls are made up of three female house members, each with their own specialty in gameplay: Natalie Negrotti, Bridgette Dunning, and Bronte D'Acquisto.

Flirty Spy (Natalie Negrotti)

Working under alias "Flirty Spy," Natalie has been quick to cement herself as one of the most lovable contestants in the game. She's got a thing for celebratory high kicks and cutesy hair accessories, but the sharp-tongued competitor is giving no one a pass in the game. She's somehow become a target for some of the worst guys on the show (I'm looking at you, Frank and Victor), but isn't afraid to call them out on it. And she's been putting her Flirty Spy moves on James, a smart move considering the thing the Spy Girls haven't totally managed yet is bringing a returning player into the fold.

Spunky Spy (Bridgette Dunning)

Ah, Bridgette. Going into the game with grandiose promises of smart gameplay and intense strategy, she's proved to be little more than a pretty bad alliance member (what was that suggestion to nominate Natalie?) and a pawn that the increasingly sickening Frank has been using for evil. Even after winning HOH, she was unable to keep Bronte safe from going up on the chopping block — thanks to Frank's Roadkill nomination. Maybe this is all an elaborate strategic ploy to get Frank to trust her just long enough for the Spy Girls to take him down? I can only hope.

Wifey Spy (Bronte D'Acquisto)

Remember when Bronte was cute and innocent? The combination of her adorable voice and love for yoga had me feeling very zen about "Wifey Spy." That is, until she said super uncool things on the cams and quickly became kind of dead to me. But it must be said that Bronte, who has yet to really play the game the way Bridgette and Natalie seem to be, could be the secret weapon of the Spy Girls. Why? She is actually like a literal numbers genius, a skill that when it comes to counting on votes, could come in pretty handy. And while part of me wants to celebrate her nomination this week, I have little doubt that she'll find a way out of it. (But Bronte, you keep your distance from beardy Paul – unless it's for strategy. In which case, you do you, I guess?)

Images: CBS; jackisibarra/Tumblr; shahinfar/Tumblr (2)