What Happens When An Egg Hatches In "Pokemon Go"

by Courteney Larocca

It's only been a matter of days since "Pokemon Go" launched, but the augmented reality game has already taken over everyone's lives — seriously, the app already has more users than Tinder. If you haven't already downloaded it from the Android or iOS store, then you're probably wondering why everyone's talking about catching Pokemon, how to hatch eggs, and how to take over a gym etc. And, tons of people are walking around outside staring intently at their phones (or maybe not, because let's be real, we've been doing that for a while now). Basically, everyone is finally living out their childhood dreams of becoming a Pokemon master.

But, if you're like me — and many others — then you have already immersed yourself in a world where you can hang out with Pikachu and catch Pokemon in your own backyard. Maybe you've even taken your Pokemon game to the next level and already started working on evolving your Pokemon. But, wherever you are in the game, chances are you may have already stopped at a Pokestop and collected an Egg. Since the app really doesn't have many instructions, you're probably wondering what this Egg is for and what it does. Well, you're in luck because I've already hatched one of these Eggs and I'm here to tell you exactly what happens when an Egg hatches in "Pokemon Go".

So, you found this Egg right? It's nice. It's got some green spots on it. It's pretty neat. But, what do you do with it? Well, if you click on the green button that says, "Start Incubation" and select an Incubator, the app will tell you to start walking for the Incubator to work. Some Eggs will only need you to walk 2 km to finish the incubation, while others may need you to walk as much as 10 km. Also, if you're thinking, "No problem, I'll just keep the app open while I'm driving," think again. I already tried this and it doesn't work. The incubation only works if your speed is under 20 mph.

So, in order to hatch the Egg, you have to walk around. Pretty straightforward, right? But, if you have to walk 10 km to hatch an Egg, it better do something cool — and it does. Once you walk the required amount, the Egg will hatch. When this Egg hatches, you will now be the proud parent to a new Pokemon. I mean, after all, that is what eggs do in real life. Eggs hatch and a baby creature comes out of them, and Pokemon Go, which is a game set in reality, is no exception.

So, all of that walking does finally pay off in the end. Unless, unfortunately, you happen to be like me and your Egg hatches into a Pidgey and you end up feeling like that 2 km of walking was an absolute waste of time. Here's hoping that your Egg is luckier than mine was and brings you one Pokemon closer to catching (or hatching) them all.

Images: Screenshots/Pokémon Go