All Of The ColourPop Starter Kits, Swatched

by Augusta Statz

If you live internationally and haven’t gotten to take advantage of the affordable greatness that is ColourPop, that’s all about to change. ColourPop is now shipping internationally, and they’ve launched kits to celebrate their updated package-delivering policy. What’s in the ColourPop starter kits? Just enough amazing products to get you hooked on this brand — that’s what!

The shipping costs depend on weight and distance, so buying in a bundle makes sense. You won’t weigh down the package or rack up a high bill with these money-saving starter kits. Shop the Mile High Kit which holds six eye shadows for $25, the Staycation Kit featuring six lippies for $25 or the Foxy Kit containing five matte lip stains for $18.

If you were to buy these products individually, it would wind up costing you more, so whether you’re taking advantage of international shipping or no, these bundles really seem like a smart purchase. See swatches of each of the shades below and then head over to the ColourPop website because now that the shipping potential is greater than ever before, you’re not going to want to miss out on this. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s the more ColourPop that’s in your life, the better!

These babies are worth a purchase for the packaging alone, but just wait until you see what awaits for you inside.

First up, let's see what lippies the Stayacation Kit will give you.

This nude matte color will surely be a go-to.

Can't go wrong with a rose-colored hue.

Brown's so in right now.

A burgundy and a hot pink add a little bit of extra fun to the bunch.

And there you have it, folks. The entire set of six lippies for only $25. Not bad!

Staycation Starter Kit, $25, ColourPop Cosmetics

A mix of subtle and statement-making lippies would make a nice purchase, don't you think?

The Mile High Kit is so pretty.

So much shimmery goodness!

Just look at them sparkle!

There's a wide variety of shadows here, which is just the kind of thing you need in your life, you know?

Mile High Starter Kit, $25, ColourPop Cosmetics

You can't say no to shimmering colors like these.

Five lippies for $18? Sign me up!

There's everything from bright red to pinky nudes here. So, that's pretty much got all of your lip looks covered.

Foxy Kit, $18, ColourPop Cosmetics

Better rack up on this limited edition offer while you can!

All right, everyone. Let the worldwide shopping begin!

Images: colourpopcosmetics/Instagram (1); ColourPop/Snapchat (12); Courtesy ColourPop (3)