Which "Pokemon Go" Team Is The Best?

by Megan Grant

The "Pokemon Go" obsession is reaching an all-time high — so much so that people are actually taking a break from posting pictures of their lunch on Instagram to catch pocket monsters, battle it out, and take over gyms. Strategy matters, so many of you are likely asking one crucial question: Which "Pokemon Go" team is the best? Once you reach a high enough level, you have the option to choose from Team Valor, Team Mystic, or Team Instinct. It's an important decision one must make, because once you decide, you can't change it. No pressure!

But worry not, my friends. I've got the answer — and you'll either love it or hate it: There is no one answer, because the team to pick is the one that's the best fit for you personally. Let me explain. Deciding which "Pokemon Go" team to join depends largely on your own goals, social circle, location, and personal preferences. The team you select doesn't really affect your gameplay all that much, so that's not a concern. So, it's not really possible to say that one team is stronger, faster, or more successful than the others, because ultimately, it's all subjective. Good news, right?

So how do you go about choosing your "Pokemon Go" team? Here are a few factors you might consider when deciding which is the best team for you:

1. What Your Friends Are Picking

Are your friends also partaking in the "Pokemon Go" fun? Good! Find out what teams they're on. This is important, because if you join the same team, you can totally battle together and have each other's backs. Think of people you see quite a bit — maybe classmates or coworkers. If these people are near you geographically, that could totally come in handy.

On a similar note, you might purposely join an opposing team. Why? It's fun! A little friendly competition never hurt anyone.

2. What Is (Or Isn't) Popular In Your Area

Is it more important to you to be on a team that's already dominating, or would you rather join the underdogs? Take a look at how popular the three teams are in your area. A good indication of each team's relative success is the colors of the gyms on your map. For example, if a gym is blue, that means that Team Mystic currently has it. If you see a ton of blue gyms, you might decide that since these guys are clearly boss, you want to be on that team.

Conversely, you might intentionally opt for a smaller, less popular team, and devote yourself to taking it to the top and overthrowing the current leader. Again, it has to do with your goals and likings more than anything else.

3. Which Team Personality You Fit In With The Most

All of the teams have their own personalities, and it's important to research these before you choose one. Team Valor is hungry for power and strength. Their color is red, and their mascot is Moltres. If you are out for blood and want to win, you might fit in perfectly with Valor.

Team Mystic values wisdom and logic. Their color is blue, and their mascot is Articuno. They prefer to maintain a sense of calmness and intellect. "Cool as a cucumber" is the theme here; and if you want to be Team Mystic, you can't give into emotion.

Team Instinct is pretty self-explanatory: They're all about instinct, emotion, faith, and going with your gut. Their color is yellow, and their mascot is Zapdos.

You can see that the three teams are very unique. Which one do you jive with the most?

4. Which Community Catches Your Eye The Most

There are already online forums and communities for each of the teams, and visiting them could give you further insight into what the best choice is for you. Each has their own subreddit (Team Instinct, Team Mystic, Team Valor), for instance.

You should also hop on Facebook and search each team name. There are several communities for each, many of which are location specific. Some of the groups are closed/private; but if you can find some that are public, check them out! You might find yourself gravitating toward one group in particular.