Use New BECCA x Jaclyn Hill Highlighters This Way

There are so many spots on the face worth highlighting, yet some of these features or spaces can be hard to reach with tools or products. That problem is effectively eliminated with the latest BECCA x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection highlighters, known as the Shimmering Skin Perfector Slimlights. They are thin pens designed to target, reach, and celebrate those unique places on the face. They come in three shades and are perfect for spotlighting the sometimes overloooked Cupid's bow. But BECCA posted a pic of another place to which the Slimlight highlighters can call attention. What other feature can you play with and enhance, thanks to the Shimmering Skin Perfect Slimlight?

Your brow area, that's what! BECCA's official Instagram posted a clip of a beauty highlighting the bottom of her brow with one of the shades. The Slimlight can almost act as a shimmery shadow or a "wash of glow" on the brow that can also highlight the other eye makeup you may be wearing, making it pop even further. This highlighter can also wake up the eye region and give you a little lift. You can even use this product above the brow if you want to call more attention to your perfectly sculpted eye framers.

Peep the pic below and consider it a tip and a resource.

The Slimlights are available exclusively at Sephora on Thursday, July 14. Betcha can't wait to play with these highlighters! It's truly the Summer of Glow, thanks to BECCA, Jaclyn Hill, and Sephora.

Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection, $180, Amazon

These magic wands, as BECCA refers to them, are good for touchups. They are travel-friendly. They are "do alls." That pretty much means they are perfect. Honestly, you can use them however you like. Throw the rules out the window. Give your bows and brows a boost with this highlighter!

So. Many. Pretty. Shades. These swatches demonstrate how each hue looks on different skin tones. There's Champagne Pop, which offers a soft white x peach glow. There's Topaz, which is a bit bronzier. And there's Pearl, which is off white and lovely.

Images: BECCA Cosmetics/Instagram (3)