"Pokemon Go" Helped Catch A Cheating Boyfriend

While some of us were cooing over how cute it is that people are using "Pokemon Go" to date, it turns out the app was every bit as capable of dissolving a relationship as it was at evolving one (sorry, sorry). One woman discovered her boyfriend was cheating on her through "Pokemon Go" — which may sound Farfetch'd (SORRY AGAIN) but is actually not too crazy considering the app's geolocation factor. Evan Scriber told the NY Post that his girlfriend was checking out the Pokemon he'd collected, when she happened to notice the geotag where the Pokemon was caught. I hope the CP was worth it, because it turns out he'd caught the Pokemon at his ex-girlfriend's place in Bushwick.

“She found out last night at my house and hasn’t contacted me since then,” Scribner said to the NY Post yesterday.

No word on what team he's playing on, but I'm at least 86 percent sure it's not Team Mystic, 'cuz a true blue player would never play like that.

This, of course, has been far from the first strange development brought forth by the "Pokemon Go" app. Not only are people flooding local parks for the sake of battling in virtual gyms, but the app has led people to strangers' houses, to armed robberies, and, in one particularly unfortunate case, even to the discovery of a dead body. The app encourages users to explore their areas by installing virtual Pokestops and incentivizing exercise by requiring a certain distance walked to hatch eggs, which has all but revolutionized the idea of the modern fitness app — but with its locations and information so public, has also invited some surprising elements that its predecessors have not.

As for Scribner's case, let this be a lesson to us all — if you're going to Pokemon & Chill, make sure you and your partner Diglet diggggg on your own and not as a trio, trio, trio.

Images: The WB; Giphy