15 Stunning Accessories For Flaunting Your Belly

There's no time more opportune to show off your stomach than summer, so if you're into baring your belly, you'll likely want to find some gorgeous accessories that flaunt your tummy. With the increased focus on self-love across all size spectrums these past few years, it makes sense that more and more folks are celebrating their bellies, no matter their weight or shape. Seeing ladies showing off their visible belly outlines and wearing whatever they damn well please is nothing short of wonderful.

In the early '00s, Shakira released "Whenever, Wherever" and shimmied, wiggled, and belly-danced her way into many a heart. Although the musician has always been a straight size gal, I thought it was great to see someone totally owning their bare stomach and confidently pulling moves, especially considering I was a little uncomfortable in my own skin. Over the years, Shakira's worn many a tummy-flaunting accessory — from belly chains, to body chains, tassels, and more.

Of course, it's not only folks with Shakira-esque bods who can rock accessories that show off their stomachs — far from it, in fact. Everyone should be proud of their bellies and enjoy feeling divinely irresistible in a piece of tummy jewelry. That in mind, here are a bunch of beautiful accessories that belong in your summer wardrobe, so you can start showing off your tum in all its glory ASAP.

1. The Goldie Lookin' Chain

Circle Gold Chain Belt, $49,

This chain belt will look awesome when paired with a crop top or a bralette, as per this lovely model.

2. The Navel Framer

Lola Multi Row Beaded Body Chain, $14,

Play peekaboo with your belly button in a droplet-style body chain.

3. The Minimalist Belly Chain

Asos Curve Fine Stick Belly Chain, $10,

Simple things can make a statement, too, like this delicate belly chain.

4. The Statement Piece

Asos Statement Choker Body Chain, $19.50,

Sometimes you might feel like either going big or going home. When the mood takes you, wear an embellished body chain atop your bare stomach.

5. The Pentagram Chain

Pentagram Body Chain – Three Color Options, $69,

If your aim is to portray some spellbinding witchy vibes, try this enchanting pentagram chain on for size.

6. The Boho Belt

Lena Bernard Marnie Chain Belt, $120,

Boho babes are sure to love this chain belt featuring rustic, turquoise-colored coins.

7. The Decadent Golden Chain

Angela Gold Body Chain, $55,

Drape yourself in pure luxury, darling, in the form of a fancy, golden body chain.

8. The Personalized Belly Chain

Gold Belly Chain, $93,

Look totally adorable in a simple belly chain embellished with your name.

9. The Rainbow Chain

Rosantica Michelita Pompom-Embellished Gold-Tone Quartz Body Chain, $285,

Vibrant souls with a penchant for high fashion should love this colorful body chain.

10. The Ladder Chain

The Simone Ladder Body Chain, $45,

Follow this ladder chain down for a spot of beautiful navel-gazing.

11. The Chain Bralette

Lola Multi Chain Bralet Body Chain, $20,

Wear this rad chain bralette over your bikini top to draw attention to your scrumptious tummy.

12. The Subtle Shakira-Style Chain

River Island Coin Belly Chain, $13,

Get your groove on this summer in a pretty coin-embellished belly chain.

13. The Fancy Fine Leaf Chain

Asos Fine Leaf Body Chain, $13,

This divine piece will look stunning under or over clothes. But for maximum tummy flaunting, pair it with your bikini or bralette.

14. The Opulent Skirt

What's Fine is Yours Waist Chain — Silver, $35,

If you want all eyes on you, a chain skirt, crop top, and mini skirt combo is sure to do the trick.

15. The Chestplate Chain

Gold Chain Chestplate Body Chain, $69,

Chains for days will help to show off your tum stylishly.

Whether you have rolls, love handles, a belly as flat as an ironing board, or a major six pack going on, it's time to own your beautiful stomach and adorn yourself with tum-tastic accessories.

Images: Courtesy Brands