Jaclyn Hill's Split Pans Are Shipping Soon

Unless you're just not a cosmetics person, you've probably heard about Jaclyn Hill's new collaboration with BECCA, the Champagne Glow Collection. Part one of the collaboration launched a few weeks ago, but part two is here now. So when are Jaclyn Hill's split pans shipping? If you were one of the lucky people to snatch up one of the four coveted compacts, you'll probably be getting those beauties far sooner than many expected. That is, if social media is to be believed.

On Thursday morning, the four Jaclyn Hill split pans — featuring highlighters and blushes — debuted on, and the anticipation leading up to the launch meant that fans were incredibly excited to get their hands on the product. They were even more excited, however, to discover the shipping dates. According to a tweet that was retweeted by Jaclyn Hill herself, the BECCA x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Splits are shipping same day!

If you were worried about shipping dates for the latest installment in the Champagne Glow Collection, worry no more because these beauties are shipping as soon as you order. Have an event next weekend that you want to be glowy and gorgeous for? No worries, because you'll definitely have the Champagne Splits to help you along!

The tweet alone would be exciting, but Jaclyn Hill's retweet seems to confirm that the shipping for these beauties is faster than anyone expected, and it's hard not to get excited. After all, these splits have been on everyone's mind since the Champagne Glow face palette because so difficult to find.

The Champagne Splits are especially exciting for fans who missed out on the face palette who believed they'd missed out on the limited edition Prosecco Pop. The golden hued highlight seemed to be completely sold out until the split pans came along and featured them.

So if you were wanting to order the latest member of the BECCA x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection family, you're in luck. They're still in stock, and they're shipping on the same day! So grab your credit card, head to Sephora, get your glow on, people!

Images: JaclynHill/Instagram