What Does Karen Pence Think Of Donald Trump?

Update: On Friday via one simple tweet, Donald Trump confirmed Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is his vice presidential running mate.

Earlier: On Thursday afternoon, multiple news outlets reported that Donald Trump will likely choose Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana to be his running mate — Trump has yet to confirm and is expected to officially announce his vice presidential pick on Friday in Manhattan. Ever since Trump became the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, Gov. Pence has been an outspoken supporter of Trump; however, many voters want to know, is the governor's wife, Karen Pence, a Trump supporter? Well, Indiana's first lady has not yet made a public statement about Trump, or said that she wants to "Make America Great Again," but The Indy Star reports that the Pences have certainly spent time around the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

It seems as if the past week has been an audition for Gov. Pence: On Tuesday, Trump and the Indiana governor campaigned together, and Karen Pence also had the opportunity to spend time with Trump. According to The Indy Star, Trump and his family to dinner with the Pence family on Tuesday night after the Trump campaign event. The Trumps also had breakfast at the governor's residence on Wednesday morning.

Considering how much time the first lady of Indiana has spent around Trump over the past week, it's likely that she supports his campaign for presidency — especially since her husband is Trump's presumptive VP choice. Bustle has reached out to Karen Pence for comment.

Pence is often seen beside her husband at different events in Indiana — pictures on her social media from earlier this week show the first lady of Indiana alongside her husband at a charity bike ride: Cops Cycling for Survivors. According to her Twitter bio, she is also the President of The Indiana First Lady's Charitable Foundation, and an official ambassador for Indiana's Bicentennial.

In addition to spending the last four years as the first lady of Indiana, Pence is an avid watercolor painter — according to The Indy Star, she even paints professionally and used to paint multiple commissioned works each year. She also happens to be a trained pilot.

In the days to come it's likely that Pence will spend a lot of time in the spotlight alongside her husband. Assuming that Trump will announce Gov. Pence as his VP on Friday, the first lady of Indiana will likely be hitting the campaign trail very soon. At that point we'll get to hear exactly what Karen Pence thinks of Trump, but it probably will not be all that surprising — considering that her husband is Trump's presumptive VP pick, Pence will probably have only positive words to say about the likely GOP presidential nominee.