What’s In ColourPop’s Ultra Glossy Lip Collection? There Are Plenty Of Glosses To Choose From

This brand is truly amazing for how quickly they are able to churn out products. One minute they’re creating tie-dye highlighters, the next they’ve got an incredible collab on the way. Now, they’re bringing glosses into our lives, and you’ve got to find out exactly what’s in ColourPop’s Ultra Glossy Lip collection because the selection is awe-inspiring.

According to their Snapchat, they’re not just releasing a handful of lip glosses. Oh no, they’re coming out with 21 (yes, 21!) different shades. Not only that, these shades also come in four different finishes. So, when it comes to choosing a lip gloss from this line, you’ve got quite the decision ahead of you. I guarantee you you’ll want to get your hands on a bunch of these. There’s certainly no way I could choose just one.

You’ll fined everything from nude shades to extremely bold hues. I’m talking purples, blues, you name it. You can shop the shades in Sheer, Sheer-Metallic, Crème and Ultra-Metallic finishes. So, whether you’re looking for subtle coverage or rich and creamy, highly pigmented colors, you’ll be able to find it in this range. The brand hasn’t given away too many details about when these bad boys will launch, but keep a lookout on their social media accounts to see swatches and more.

You’re definitely going to want to keep these on your radar.

This collection is huge, and that's perfect. All the more lippies for you!

Pink-y nude shades can be your go-to glosses for a minimal makeup look, but when you feel like slicking on some color, you'll have plenty of bright shades to choose from, as well.

See each of the finishes explained so you can start planning exactly which ones you'll want to shop as soon as they drop. Because, yes, there's a strategy involved when choosing a lippie.

This is just one of many incredible shades to choose from. It's just begging to complete your no makeup makeup look.

And this metallic is going to make for one heck of a statement-making pout.

With ColourPop's line of glosses, you'll finally have a shade (and a finish) to suit all of your moods. And really, what more could you ask for in life?

Images: ColourPopCo/Snapchat (6)