How To Get Jaclyn Hill's Sold Out Face Palette

Jaclyn Hill seems to have a new surprise for her fans everyday, and Friday was no different. No, there are no new additions for the BECCA x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection, but the surprise is a giveaway! So you need to know how to get Jaclyn Hill's sold out face palette through her giveaway. While a contest featuring just the Champagne Collection face palette would be exciting, according to Hill's Snapchat, the giveaway is set to include each member of the Champagne Collection! That's right, that killer band of highlight and face products can be yours for free!

So how can you get Jaclyn Hill's sold out face palette? She runs down the whole process on her Snapchat, and while the giveaway is super exciting, there isn't even going to be just one winner. 10 people will be walking away with the entire collection, which means you'll no longer need to tweet BECCA about #FindingChampagnePop.

The contest is exclusively for Hill's subscribers which makes total sense because she loves her fans. In fact, being a subscriber is rule number one. As for how to enter, you can get the chance to win the collection by simply posting a photo of yourself with highlight on fleek, your own Champagne Pop, or Hill herself. Hashtag the photo with #champagnepopgiveaway and #jaclynhill, and bam! you're entered just like that! But keep in mind, you can only enter once a day.

When will you learn if you've been chosen as a lucky winner? According to Hill, it'll be one day after her birthday on July 21. While the collection is incredible, fans of the YouTuber will be even happier to hear that Hill herself will be reaching out to the winner and can even sign her palette and send a note. Cue happy tears!

So if you've been wanting to get your hands on the Champagne Glow Collection part one, you've now got your chance. Now that you know how to get Jaclyn Hill's sold out face palette, what are you waiting for? Head over to snapchat and hashtag your day away!